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Artists’ MR Videos

All the videos below are MR removed.

BoA – My Name + Girls On Top 


CSJH The Grace – Girlfriend + One More Time, Ok


After School – Ah


Seungri – Strong Baby


SHINee – Love Like Oxygen + Amigo


Wondergirls – Nobody + Irony


Kara – Pretty Girl + Break it


SJ – Don’t Don


vide credit: lolly1588


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Korea Netizens’ Newest Gadget ‘MR Removed’ Videos To Evaluate Singers


There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also led to many comparing the vocal powers of various singers.

‘MR removed’ videos minimizes any MR (music recorded) in the song and maximizes the vocal of the singer – the singer’s vocal will be the only thing audible possible.

For a singer who cannot sing well, with all the sound magnification and voice companion at the chorus, the song may sound alright. But with the ‘MR removed’ version, only the vocal of the singer will be clearly audible.

Especially recently, a lot of ‘MR removed’ versions of live performances have been posted on the internet, and netizens have been comparing between singers on their vocal prowess.

Currently, the hot favourites for ‘MR removed’ clips are done mostly on popular groups  and also other singers  – but dance songs have been given especially sharp evaluations by the netizens.

While netizens felts that singers like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Cheon Sang Ji Hee and BoA have good live vocal capabilities, some netizens felt that live performances by WonderGirls, KARA and TaeGoon to be disappointing.



SNSD – Gee (MR Removed)


Some of the ‘MR Removed’ clips


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91

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MayDoni, “Female Big Bang Will Not Be Like Other Groups”



‘Female Se7en‘ May Doni talked a little about upcoming group ‘female Big Bang‘.

She said in an interview recently, “FemaleBig Bang will have a totally different feel from your normal singer group. Their rap and dance capabilities is incredible. They will not be your normal cute or sexy concept girl group.”

In the interview, May Doni also spoke about how she had learned dancing from Park Ga Hee from After School before she debuted. Meanwhile, May Doni released her debut album ‘7TEEN’ a while back with the titles song ‘Molla-ING’.

credit: K Bites

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Most Wanted On TV



credit: as tagged + xietinloveshero
shared by: crazee91

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Sandara Park To Make Acting Debut


Filipino star Sandara Park is to make her acting debut in a Korea drama, “The Return of Iljimae.” She will appear as Rie, a ninja who meets with the show’s main character, Iljimae, in Japan. She will demonstrate her stunning martial arts moves in the upcoming episodes, which will start airing on February 11th. 

Park’s representative, YG Entertainment, said that Park has plans to appear on two more Korean dramas this year. She is also a member of Big Bang’s female version. Her singing career in Korea will be launched after her drama appearance. 

Park has been a top singing and acting star in the Philippines. She signed a contract with YG Entertainment in 2007 to start her career anew in Korea. She was first introduced to the Korean public through singer Gummy’s music video in which she kissed Top, a member of today’s hottest group, Big Bang. She grew up in the Philippines when her family moved there when she was 10 years old.


credit: KBS World + crazee91

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Positives And Negatives Of Wanting To Be Like An Idol

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DBSK vs Big Bang vs FT Island

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