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MayDoni, “Female Big Bang Will Not Be Like Other Groups”



‘Female Se7en‘ May Doni talked a little about upcoming group ‘female Big Bang‘.

She said in an interview recently, “FemaleBig Bang will have a totally different feel from your normal singer group. Their rap and dance capabilities is incredible. They will not be your normal cute or sexy concept girl group.”

In the interview, May Doni also spoke about how she had learned dancing from Park Ga Hee from After School before she debuted. Meanwhile, May Doni released her debut album ‘7TEEN’ a while back with the titles song ‘Molla-ING’.

credit: K Bites

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MayDoni’s Stage Performance At Music Bank

Her stage was earlier today at music bank. Like i said, her title song dint do her any justice at all. I can’t even tell that she’s a great dancer from here. Hope she’ll improve more and more soon.

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MayDoni – 몰라 Ing (ft 2AM)

MayDoni is finally back! But i must say this song dint do her any justice. She has strong vocals and amazing dancing skills but it’s not showcased in her latest mv though. Plus, the story line for the mv is really weird. Why bisexual themed?

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