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SM Town Messages To Thai Fans

SMTOWN in Bangkok official site would like to thank to all the fans that came to Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE’08 in Bangkok on 2009/02/07.

Adamas would like to talk to SM artists but everthing was so in a rush on that night.


Every SM artist was very impressed with everything the fans did for them such as the cheercode, the glow sticks etc. SM artists would like to apologise for the inconvenient and for the non-perfect performance.


Yunho was so impressed with the birthday cake. He said “the cake was so delicious” (though he didn’t mean to taste it but it was all over his face and his mouth) Yunho hope this concert could impress everyone. Especially Mirotic cuz it’s the 1st time DBSK performed Mirotic outside Korea. In the end Yunho said to Thai cassiopeia “see you again real soon”


Changmin said he heard the fans encore request was super load (that’s why he lost control and had so much fun during the concert)


SUJU said they were so happy to get to meet Thai ELF. The stadium is so huge. This was the great concert.

SNSD said Thai fans ar so sweet and they’d like to visit Thailand again.

Adamas didn’t get a chance to talk with Zhang Ri in and SHINee. But all of them would like to thank to Thai fans. SM artist gave it 100% in this concert.

Source: http://www.smtowninbangkok.com
Trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress



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[Pics] More Pics from SMTOWN Concert

^ seeeee???!! sigh… I’m ok with it. So people don’t make a big deal out of it! SM Line hwaiting!!

Ta-da~~ SM Town rocksss!!


credit: soompi

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SMTOWN Concert Live In Bangkok Was A Success


Dong Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior, So Nyeo Shi Dae and SHINee came together for a special joint stage for their company SM Entertainment’s concert in Thailand.

‘SMTOWN LIVE’08 in BANGKOK’ which opened and ended successfully on 7th February in Bangkok Rajamangala National Stadium. The SM Entertainment singers have come together to perform on the stage after their concert performances in Seoul and ShangHai. This concert performance had seen about 40,000 fans attending it.

The concert lasted for about 4 hours with performances of hit songs by Super Junior, Super Junior-M, Super Junior Happy, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Jang RiIn, SHINee etc.



The Thai fans had actually learned the Korean lyrics to the hit songs had sang along with their idol to show encourage and support to their idols. There was also a special dance performance by 10 of the SM Ent singers – Dong Bang SHin Ki UKnow YunHo, Xiah JunSu, Super Junior HanKyung, Hee Chul, Shin Dong, Eun Hyuk, Dong Hae, So Nyeo Shi Dae Hyo Yeon, Yuri and SHINee TaeMin.

The fans also had a birthday celebration for the February babies – UKnow YunHo, Max ChangMin, Super Junior HangKyung, ShiWon, Kyu Hyun, Jang Ri In and So Nyeo Shi Dae SooYoung.


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91 

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Watch SM Concert In Bangkok Online

Watch SM Town Concert in Bangkok online here (not the whole concert i guess) –>CLICK
in “on demand” on the right side, click 27/02/2009 on the first box and the second box choose “23:00
it’s the whole program and the concert starts on the 4th minute.

Sorry if someone had posted or the wrong credit. cus i just got the info from my friend.

credit: http://www.tvpool.co.th 
shared by: mod_wu@soompi + sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Jang Ri In No.1 On Cyworld China’s Top Female Celebrity Poll


Credits: Chocolyn
shared by: minsarang 

Congrates Ri In!!

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SM Entertainment To Hold Global Audition For Year 2009


SM Entertainment, Korea’s largest agency that produced such world stars as BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation, will host the 2009 SM Entertainment Global Audition in Korea. SM Entertainment has been conducting this worldwide audition since 2006. This year’s audition is to start in Korea on February 14 and travel to 15 countries, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. 

The audition is open to anyone with no restrictions in nationality or age. There are five categories – singing, acting, modeling (fashion and commercial), dancing, and music composition. Applicants are encouraged to register their personal information and photo online (2009sm@smtown.com), but they can also register at the audition site on the day of audition. Winners will be guaranteed exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment and receive total management for their careers in the entertainment industry. More detailed information on the global audition is available on the official homepage of SM Entertainment.


credit: KBS World
shared by: crazee91 

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SMTOWN Concert Songlist


DBSK will perform MIROTIC and WRONG NUMBER in SM festival in BANGKOK
Thailand 20090207 SMTOWN Concert Songlists (09 New)

Part 1
1) SM 09 Show! SM Dance Meeting Party
– Lose My Breath – SNSD
– Fantasia – CSJH The Grace
– Take It To The Floor – SHINee
– Buttons – Zhang Li Yin
– Sexy Back – Super Junior
– What’s Up -TVXQ
2) Angels – Suday The Grace
3) Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Dana The Grace
4) Too Good – CSJH The Grace Feat. KyuHyun SJ
5) Run It + 4 Seasons + Real – SHINee
6) I Will – Zhang Li Yin
7) Hey! Mickey – SNSD
8 ) Complete + Can Not Say – SNSD
9) Hug – TVXQ
10) Love Is… – TVXQ

11) One Love – EunHyuk Feat. Xiah TVXQ
12) The Charm Of The 21st Century – Uknow Micky ShinDong DongHae Key
13) Goose’s Dream – KyuHyun & Chu Yin???
14) Staggered Love – JongHyun
15) If + Can You Hear Me – TaeYeon SNSD
16) Crazy – SMTOWN-ROCK!! – HeeChul SJ
17 ) The Ducks Fly – SMTOWN-ROCK!! – Chang Min TVXQ
18 ) You Are Born To Love People – Jessica Tifffany Dana Chu Yin??
19) Than The Love Of Deep Wounds – Lina The Grace
20) No. 2 At The Winter – The Sound 厉旭 Temperature Flow Arts
21) I Believe That Love – Zhang Li Yin
22) What U Want – Stephanie ??
23) U + Me – Super Junior M
24) Twins – Super Junior
25) Our Love – Super Junior
26) A Long Time Ago – Super Junior
27 ) Under the Sea + Snow Dream – SM Family


Part Ⅱ

29) Purple Line – TVXQ
30) Boomerang – CSJH The Grace
31) ‘O’ Jung Ban Hub – TVXQ
32) A Man In Love – Super Junior
33) Rising Sun -TVXQ
34) Love Like Oxygen – SHINee
35) In My Room – SHINee
36) You’re My Miracle – TVXQ
37) You’re My Endless Love – Super Junior
38 ) Gee – SNSD
39) Way To Go – SNSD
40) Catch The Shooting Star – CSJH The Grace
41) One More Try – Zhang Li Yin
42) Dancing Out – Super Junior
43) Love In the Ice -TVXQ
44) Nuna Is Very Pretty [Replay] – SHINee
45) Dancing In the Rain + The Club + One More Time Ok? – CSJH The Grace
46) Moto + Girls on Top – SNSD
47) DANCE BATTLE – DongHae TaeMin Uknow HyoYeon ShinDong HanKyung EunHyuk Xiah Stephani ????
48 ) Smile – Super Junior
49) Oasis – TVXQ
50) Hi Ya Ya Summer – TVXQ

51) Happiness – Super Junior
52) Wonder Boy – Super Junior
53) Balloons – TVXQ
54) Mirotic + Wrong Number – TVXQ
55) Show Me Your Love – TVXQ + Super Junior

56) Hotmail – SM Family
57) Red Sun – SM family

Credit:KoreanXKorean@soompi +sharingyoochun@wordpress

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