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Girls Generation’s Reactions To Pumashock Video

Girls Generation react to Pumashock Video

Girls’ Generation / SNSD was featured on a short segment on the February 18th edition ofSBS News. The Girls were shown the video of the now infamous Pumashock remix. They said it was the first time watching the video and that they were very surprised. The girls liked the R&B remix feel that she put into the song.

It’s pretty cool that they actually saw a video uploaded on youtube by someone halfway across the globe. Thanks to tj.happy for the tip.


credit: allkpop


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Korea Netizens’ Newest Gadget ‘MR Removed’ Videos To Evaluate Singers


There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also led to many comparing the vocal powers of various singers.

‘MR removed’ videos minimizes any MR (music recorded) in the song and maximizes the vocal of the singer – the singer’s vocal will be the only thing audible possible.

For a singer who cannot sing well, with all the sound magnification and voice companion at the chorus, the song may sound alright. But with the ‘MR removed’ version, only the vocal of the singer will be clearly audible.

Especially recently, a lot of ‘MR removed’ versions of live performances have been posted on the internet, and netizens have been comparing between singers on their vocal prowess.

Currently, the hot favourites for ‘MR removed’ clips are done mostly on popular groups  and also other singers  – but dance songs have been given especially sharp evaluations by the netizens.

While netizens felts that singers like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Cheon Sang Ji Hee and BoA have good live vocal capabilities, some netizens felt that live performances by WonderGirls, KARA and TaeGoon to be disappointing.



SNSD – Gee (MR Removed)


Some of the ‘MR Removed’ clips


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91

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SNSD’s Sexiest Member Is Sunny

13th February, Seoul. Girls’ Generation was at MTV Studios to appear on the show “Class Up.” MC Kangin asked “I know that on stage SNSD portrays a cute image, but off stage, who is the sexiest member?” And everyone at once said Sunny.

In particular, Yuri, who shares a room with her said “When Sunny takes a shower and comes out, her silhouette/body outline is amazing.” “She may be short but she has a very well proportioned body.”

Sooyoung also added “Sunny might have a lot of aegyo, but she’s also filled with sexy charm.” But as the members complimented Sunny, she was covering her mouth with her hands and was obviously embarrassed and shy.

In this show “Class Up,” Girls’ Generation directly gives a class on the choreography and styling of their title song “Gee.” The first and second episode will air on MTV at 7:50pm on February 21 and March 7 respectively.




Source: MK News
Translations: skim@soshified

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Another New Girl Group, Pink Heart

Pink Heart KPOP Korean Music


Pink Heart is a 4 member girl group formed by XING Entertainment and they’ve been around but didn’t make themselves big. They haven’t debuted yet and have only had a few videos and appearances here and there. And the members as individuals have also appeared here and there (Two members modeled for GMARKEThttp://shop.gmarket.co.kr/starshoptv).
There is no set date for their debut, yet.

Copyright(c) : soompi forum

Oldest Member – Kim WonHee
Birthdate: 10th May, 1993
Height: 162cm
(I can’t translated the various titles of the movies/dramas and stuff she’s appeared in so yeah, here’s just the outline) She’s been in 1 movie, 3 dramas, 2 CFs (not including the links from below), Seo SiKyung’s and Singing In The Rain’s M/V, magazine photoshoots, fashion photoshoots, modeling. (More info: http://xing.tv)
She’s been in the BEMEAL CF with ex-XING member, Kevin. And the HELLO APM CF with current and old XING members.

Park Seo Jin
Birthdate: 11th March, 1994
Height: 167cm
She has appeared in XING’s Eojjeodaga M/V and Singing In The Rain’s M/V. Participated in HelloStar APM’s dance competition with two XING members and also won the ulzzang momjjang award. Modeling, photoshoots and stuff too.

Minjoo – 8th September, 1994

Suji – 1st October, 1995




credit: RinZzzannie@yt


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‘Gee’ Brings In The Hits



So Nyeo Shi Dae’s ‘Gee’ MV video has brought huge number of hits on the internet.

It has been said that the MV gets more than 1 million views on GomTV (www.gomtv.com) on the first day of its release on 7th February, a record high.

So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ MV has been entitled the ‘Diamond Track’ for getting more than 5 million views on 16th February. The song has also bagged many #1 on various music programs the past 5 weeks since its release. And even though it has been more than a month since the song’s release, the MV still receives heat response from fans with more than 5 million views.





credit: K Bites

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SNSD, “We Want To Fall In Love Too”

snsd_gee.jpg snsd image by gammakung

SNSD’s song ‘Gee’ has taken over the music industry. With its lighthearted rhythm and repetitive lyrics, it’s
difficult to forget about the song once you listen to it. Taeyeon (20), Jessica (20), Hyoyeon (20), Tiffany (20), Yuri
(20), Sunny (20), Yoona (19), Sooyoung (19), and Seohyun (19) met up with Cookie Media on the 12th.

The interview consisted of asking questions fans were curious about. SNSD answered the majority of the questions
honestly. Yoona wasn’t able to attend the interview because of a an early morning schedule.


Do you have a boyfriend to give chocolate to on Valentines Day?

Sooyoung: “None of the members have a boyfriend. We’ll probably end up giving chocolates to each other or our
manager oppas this year too. It would be nice if there was someone I could give chocolates to, after making them
myself personally.”

Tiffany: “We would like to meet someone and fall in love too. But since work is more important at the moment,
we’re accepting it.”

What would you do if you meet an entertainer whom you’ve liked?

Hyoyeon: “I’ll run up to the person and ask for an autograph”

Jessica: “After giving them a chocolate on Valentines Day, I’ll look at the person from a distance”

Sooyoung: “I would like to take a picture with the person”

Taeyeon: “Rather than express my feelings to the person, I would like to cherish it in my heart.”

Which member became the most stylish after debuting?

The girls erupted into a laughter after hearing the question. After looking at each other, everyone pointed at Taeyeon.

“Everyone was a little chubby during the debut period. I think all of us have gotten prettier after losing our baby fat
and dressing up with various styles and hairstyle. But amongst us, I think Taeyeon benefited the most.”

Do you get approached by male entertainers frequently?

“There isn’t much male entertainers who do so.” (laughter) On the other hand, if we meet an entertainer we’ve always
admired, we’ll slowly approach them. We’d say “We’re a fan” quietly and ask for an autograph. We would then give
our autographed CD as a thank you in return.”

You don’t have arguments with each other?

Hyoyeon: “We might have a disagreement over trivial things, but we get over it really quickly”

Tiffany: “Our outside appearance might look cold but we’re really not like that.”

What kind of a daughter are you back at home?

Taeyeon: “I normally laughs alot but I laugh even more when I go home. Everyone in my family has a
strong character. If I talk with them, I even end up talking in my old dialect.”

Yuri: “If I go home, I chat a lot with my family and show lots of ageyo too. I’d like to return the love I receive
from my family but it’s not as easy as I thought it’d be.”

Hyoyeon: “I don’t talk much normally but I become real chatty back at home. I’d visit various restaurants with
my mother and walk down the streets together, just like a close friend.”

Sunny: “I’m the youngest in my family with a 10 year age different with my sister. I try my best to be nice to
them but it’s not always so easy.”

Seohyun: “I can’t show much ageyo to my parents. Instead I try and chat frequently with them. I usually miss
them since I live away from home.”

Jessica: “I enjoy making bread and baking cake with my sister and mother. My dad would then be happy eating
our food afterwards.”

Tiffany: “I’m the youngest daughter, so my father treated me like a princess and love me alot. Now, my
members are my family.”

Everyone is almost an adult now. What’s the most you want to do?

“After getting a driver’s license, I would like to rent out a big car. Then I’d like to go on a road trip with all the
members together.”


Source: Cookie News
Translations: ak6c

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2AM Jo Kwon Said SNSD Tiffany Is His Type


2AM member Jo Kwon confessed that his ideal type is actually So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany.

So Nyeo Shi Dae had came together on 13th February in Seoul JoongGoo MTV Studio for the filming of cable channel MTV ‘Class Up!’. Super Junior KangIn has posed a question to Jo Kwon, “Who in So Nyeo Shi Dae is the closest to your ideal type of girl?”

He pointed towards Tiffany and said, “I’m her fan.”

KangIn pretended to be annoyed and asked, “Really? Tiffany is your ideal type?” AndJo Kwon answered, “I like Jessica too.”


Jo Kwon and KangIn will be the MC to the show ‘Class Up!’.

Meanwhile, KangIn also posed the question to So Nyeo Shi Dae, “What if, as a guy, I have to date someone from one of you, is there anyone you would recommend?”

And Tiffany said, “The 9 of us each have different indivituality so it’s hard to say. Yuriis cute and precocious while maknae Seo Hyun is really feminine. So it depends on what kind of girl the guy will like.”



This episode of ‘Class Up!’ will be aired on 21st February on MTV at 7.50pm.


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91

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