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Hello stalkers XD

If you have anything you like to tell me, anything you wanna share or you want me to add you on my blogroll, just leave a reply on this page :]

P.S: Spam, mean comments and inappropriate stuff will be deleted.

— edit—

I just made an email for this blog. If there’s anything you wanted to tell me but doesn’t want it to be appear in public, you can send to . By the way, if you wanna add me up on messenger, that’s the email. But take note that I might not always be available for spazzing cuz will be busy updating.


11 responses to “Contact Me

  1. emily

    yeah..their pronunciation are a bit funny..
    i also laugh like crazy when i first heard the song..
    i think yoochun’s the best among them..although there are a lot to improve..

    and may i ask u something?
    -how did u know me,
    -what’s ur name,
    -where are u from,
    -do u have other account,( coz it sounds funny when we communicate like this..
    -how old are u?

  2. Jacky

    I guess you are going to their concert, aren’t you?! :)
    Did the petition work out? I didn’t get the whole thing ^^
    I’m currently watching the drama “My girl” it’s very funny! :D

    Bye ;)

  3. I don’t know if the petition worked or not but i’m hoping it did.
    I’m sure we’ll be inform soon.
    If dbsk’s coming of course i would go ^^

  4. Jacky

    Since I’m leaving in France, there is no way I can go to their concert, even if I’m going on vacation in Asia, I’m sure, places will be gone in a few seconds!

    I’m asking but I think the answer is obvious : have you ever been to one of their concert ? or any other Korean artist ?

  5. Haha i think u’ll be surprise bout the answer, no i’ve never been to their concert nor other korean artists’ concert.
    TVXQ came to my country first back in 2006, but that was the first time i knew about them.
    Then back in 2007 they came again for their 2nd asia tour but i couldn’t attend the concert due to personal reasons.
    Since now i’ve graduated from high school i really wish to go to their concert
    and hopefully they’ll come to msia ^^

    TVXQ went to France to shoot Bonjour Paris before, did you get to see them?
    haha i just had to ask xD

  6. Jacky

    Like you, I knew them after, I think just few months ago but my friend and I saw by “accident” the MV of Triangle and we were just astonished by the guy (Jaejoong^^) who could be so handsome with white hair!! Btw I’m still shocked :p it just really suits him!
    But we didn’t become fans after that. We forgot and returned to our new high school life (whaouh it’s been a long time! I also graduated from high school last year!).
    Then just at the end of last year, when I began university, I got to know a new friend who sent me a lot of Kpop songs (I only knew Korean dramas and not music before) and DBSK’s Mirotic was one of them and other songs of them, as I remembered that I knew them, and I really liked Mirotic I did some research and so on ^^ but of course I watched Bonjour Paris, it was really funny, especially hearing them speaking French =p and watching them going to places that I usually went ^^
    And last year, in my Chinese lessons, I knew a girl who went to the airport of Paris welcoming them, I was just very shocked! She got their autographs I guess ;)
    I hope you can go to their concert =D As I “know” you, u will post it for sure ^^

    Bye :)

  7. Oh! I’m glad you join in tvxq’s fandom haha =D
    Wow your friend is so lucky!! I wanna meet them too. . . sigh

    Thanks, i hope i can go too and hopefully meet them xD
    Yes! you “know” me well, if i’m there i’ll take tonsssss if picsssss!!
    Of course fancams too hehe~

  8. dbsk for ever

    hi girls
    i just fells sad that i got to know dbsk just in 2009
    inthire haredship iwish if i have knew them away back
    i reaal wish i could go to one of thire concert
    luky you guys you have them in your countries
    but for me its like never ever they will thinking to come to mine
    i will need amiricle
    for that to happpend
    just to me i love DBsk more than
    anything in my live

  9. meisshe

    hmm..i think i luv DBSK much more ;)

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