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Artists’ MR Videos

All the videos below are MR removed.

BoA – My Name + Girls On Top 


CSJH The Grace – Girlfriend + One More Time, Ok


After School – Ah


Seungri – Strong Baby


SHINee – Love Like Oxygen + Amigo


Wondergirls – Nobody + Irony


Kara – Pretty Girl + Break it


SJ – Don’t Don


vide credit: lolly1588


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Korea Netizens’ Newest Gadget ‘MR Removed’ Videos To Evaluate Singers


There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also led to many comparing the vocal powers of various singers.

‘MR removed’ videos minimizes any MR (music recorded) in the song and maximizes the vocal of the singer – the singer’s vocal will be the only thing audible possible.

For a singer who cannot sing well, with all the sound magnification and voice companion at the chorus, the song may sound alright. But with the ‘MR removed’ version, only the vocal of the singer will be clearly audible.

Especially recently, a lot of ‘MR removed’ versions of live performances have been posted on the internet, and netizens have been comparing between singers on their vocal prowess.

Currently, the hot favourites for ‘MR removed’ clips are done mostly on popular groups  and also other singers  – but dance songs have been given especially sharp evaluations by the netizens.

While netizens felts that singers like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Cheon Sang Ji Hee and BoA have good live vocal capabilities, some netizens felt that live performances by WonderGirls, KARA and TaeGoon to be disappointing.



SNSD – Gee (MR Removed)


Some of the ‘MR Removed’ clips


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91

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WonderGirls To Star In Korean Drama “Dream High”?

The Wonder Girls are expected to star in a drama tentatively named, “Dream High”. The drama will be produced by Bae Yong Joon and the “Gorilla” himself, Park Jin Young. Looks like he has the ladies on that same hectic schedule as last year and there doesn’t seem to be any break till April.

Source: t-sun hee@spectacle
shared by: minsarang 

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JYP, WonderGirls And 2PM To Debut In US


Park Jin Young is to be on the same stage as 2PM and Wonder Girls in America.

JYP Entertainment (aka JYP) said that on the 16th “Park Jin Young is coming in March with ‘The JYP Tour 2009′ in three different cities and holding performances.”

If backtracked, JYP has made a huge success last year when having their concert in New York and LA. Due to popularity rising, Park Jin Young is said to have increased his concerts.

In this year’s concert, Park Jin Young is bringing his JYP-USA team who is set for debut such as J Lim (제이림), G-Seoul (지소울), and others who are currently receiving much attention from outside of Korea such as Wonder Girls and 2PM as guests.

One representative of JYP said “The organization and plot of the concert has been upgraded along with much anticipation to be received, even more than the first tour of Park Jin Young’s ‘Bad Party 2,’ complete with a plot, structure, and organization” and also “This concert is special because not only is it the JYP-USA team that will be performing, but other artists such as Wonder Girls and 2PM who will bring an amazing performance.”

Also said by one of the sponsors of the concert ‘Good Concert’ was that “This performance is yet again special because due to 2PM’s appearance, many from South East Asia have been giving calls for concerts to be held there also.”

‘The JYP Tour 2009′ is to take place on March 5th @ LA in Wilton Theater, Orange County’s La Mirada Theater on the 6th, and New York Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ball Room on the 8th.


Source: Star News

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Another New Girl Group, Pink Heart

Pink Heart KPOP Korean Music


Pink Heart is a 4 member girl group formed by XING Entertainment and they’ve been around but didn’t make themselves big. They haven’t debuted yet and have only had a few videos and appearances here and there. And the members as individuals have also appeared here and there (Two members modeled for GMARKEThttp://shop.gmarket.co.kr/starshoptv).
There is no set date for their debut, yet.

Copyright(c) : soompi forum

Oldest Member – Kim WonHee
Birthdate: 10th May, 1993
Height: 162cm
(I can’t translated the various titles of the movies/dramas and stuff she’s appeared in so yeah, here’s just the outline) She’s been in 1 movie, 3 dramas, 2 CFs (not including the links from below), Seo SiKyung’s and Singing In The Rain’s M/V, magazine photoshoots, fashion photoshoots, modeling. (More info: http://xing.tv)
She’s been in the BEMEAL CF with ex-XING member, Kevin. And the HELLO APM CF with current and old XING members.

Park Seo Jin
Birthdate: 11th March, 1994
Height: 167cm
She has appeared in XING’s Eojjeodaga M/V and Singing In The Rain’s M/V. Participated in HelloStar APM’s dance competition with two XING members and also won the ulzzang momjjang award. Modeling, photoshoots and stuff too.

Minjoo – 8th September, 1994

Suji – 1st October, 1995




credit: RinZzzannie@yt


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WonderGirls’ Ex Member HyunAh Appeared On Photo Shoot


Image Hosting by Picoodle.com
WonderGirl ex member Hyun Ah had received the concerns of fans after her recent photoshoot has been revealed.

HyunAh has appeared on the photoshoot ‘Love Actually’ for a fashion line event with2AM member Jo Kwon. It has been long since HyunAh’s official activity since she leftWonderGirls and this had roused the interested in fans.

She had appeared on the photoshoot with a new brand sexy image, different from that of the cute image when she was in WonderGirls.

Other artistes who participated for the ‘Love Actually’ photoshoot doing the couple look are actors Yoon Jin Seo and Lee Min Gi, Min Seo Hyun and Jung Il Cheol and modelsKim Seong Hyun and Choi Eun Jung.


credit: K Bites

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Most Wanted On TV



credit: as tagged + xietinloveshero
shared by: crazee91

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