JaeJoong’s Real Birthday

According to Jaejoong’s birth mother, Jaejoong’s actual birthdate is the 4th of Feb She revealed it on her blog sometime in January.
She posted Jaejoong’s baby pictures and stated that his birthday was on the 4th of Feb but changed it to 26th Jan for auspicious reasons.
Apparently, if Jaejoong’s birthday was recorded as the 4th of Feb, it would bring him bad luck

Credits: Jaejoong’s mum’s blog, Junsu China Fanclub
Translated by: Sparkskey@dbsg comm at LJ

checked on both daum and naver and the news seems to be true. the news appeared on their official fancafe too biggrin.gif
the only dispute on korean sites is the reason for the change in birthday. some people say that 26 Jan is actually his adopted father’s birthday. but *shrugs* I don’t know.
can’t find his mother’s blog to verify though cause no one wants to give out the address, though they say her blog is just like a fangirl’s.

I also read that YunHo’s actual bday is on Feb 16. Someone mentioned it on soompi saying she read it on LJ. Gosh, what is going here? I’m confused. If  anyone knows anything please tell me =.= 


credit: soompi 


So people kept saying they read it on LJ so I search for it and found this post. Don’t know whether it’s the one people were mentioning but here’s the link to that post. In the mean time, i’ll try to search for JaeJoong’s biological mother’s blog.


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One response to “JaeJoong’s Real Birthday

  1. nessa

    can’t believe it
    hope someone can clarify this
    and jj far from bad luck XDD

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