[Admin Post] Hello Goodbye, A Bittersweet Feeling

Hello my fellow readers, it’s crazee91 here. Sorry I dint post anything for the past few days, I was busy with the new blog which is now launched by the way and I got sick T_T So please pardon me for taking some time off and also I wanna say that from now on, I won’t be posting here anymore because frankly I don’t have the time nor energy to manage and run 2 news blog at the same time.

Just weeks ago, lolly from xietinloveshero offered me to join in their plan of joining forces to make a new TVXQ blog. So I accepted and decided to move there and work with the other really nice admins from blogs like DBSKnights, xietinloveshero, Fangirlmitz and 2uangels.

It’s sad to leave my blog which I’ve put so much heart into it and invested a lot of my time and energy trying to make it a kpop news site that everyone would love to drop by. But I am happy that I was given an opportunity to be a part of something great so it’s a bittersweet feeling for me. I’m excited for the new blog yet I am feeling kinda teary right now.

Anyways, for those who has been loyal readers to my blog and those that are reading this now can come to the new blog and say hi ^^

Please do come to TVXQfever and support us =]] 

n i c



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DBSK ‘Survivor’ Airing Date On MTV

Tohoshinki’s 26th Japanese Single “Survivor” PV will be aired on MTV on 2/23 at 09:00 ~ 10:30 :DD At last, a sneak peek at the hyped out single. I wonder if they’re gonna come out with sticks and leopard prints?
Credits: lolly88@soompi + saki_azuki @dbsg + xietinloveshero


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DBSK’s 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC Concert Has At Least 4 Billion Won Effects

The 3rd live tour concert of Asia top group Dong Bang Shin Ki is expected to earn at least 4 billion won from foreign country fans.

It’s not talking about the money that will be earn by SMTOWN through the concert alone, but to the economy in general.

As already scheduled, TVXQ’s 3 days concert in South Korea at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium will kick off today on February 20th up until February 22nd before they’re heading to other Asian countries on the list: Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Taipei, etc with total 12 performances all over Asia.


TVXQ’s Korea concert, which was already sold out only few minutes after the ticket selling opened, not only be attended by their Korean fans. It’s confirmed that their foreign Asian fans to attend coming from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc will be approximately about 2000 people.

Those number are dominated by Japanese fans, as explained by some hotel managers that they weren’t able to handle all room bookings by Japanese guests who were mostly coming to see TVXQ’s concert, made most hotels around concert area are already fully-booked at around the concert date.

The factors of this excitement are predicted, first, due to the concert’s date itself which are during weekends, when most people have their free time. And second, due to the popularity of TVXQ’s 4th album MIROTIC which had been at top popular charts of many asian countries such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. Thus, it’s increasing the fans’ curiosity to see TVXQ’s starting point concert in the boys’ very own home country.

Economy experts said that the foreign country fans had to at least spend ₩ 2,000,000 per person which made it ₩ 4,000,000,000 in total for 3 days and 2 night hotel charges, concert tickets, plane tickets, other accomodation, transportation, phone charge, and not mention the official concert goodies that will be sold during the concert days such as t-shirt, cookie, stamp, etc.

source: newsen + news24 (translation from two news)
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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[Pic] Lee MinHo With His Family


Lee MinHo with his sister (top) and his mother (bottom).


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Win A Date With Se7en

FYI, Se7en’s debut has been postponed again. Originally it was said that Se7en will debut on Feb 14 but YG Entertainment thinks that there are more preparations needed so had to push the date to March 4. But then it was announced, YG again postponed the official revealed to March 10 with the same reason, there is still more preparation work needed to be done.

Hasn’t it been 2 years? Poor Se7en. . .

Anyways, here’s the news reported from Allkpop

Se7en KPOP Korean Music

Se7en fans can win a date with him. You can also win some free gear from Verizon Wireless. Here’s the details that posted on his official myspace page:

RQM and YG ENTERTAINMENT are proud to announce the long anticipated official release of SE7EN’s U.S campaign.

Hey everyone!

I know you all have been waiting a long time for this day to come but it’s finally here!! Se7en’s official website will be dropping on February 24th at http://www.se7enworldwide.com. It is packed with new pictures, videos and information about Se7en’s U.S. campaign and about the world wide release of his new music video “GIRLS” featuring the sexy hot hip hop diva, LiL Kim!

Also find out about how to win a date with… Se7en! Get all the details of the contest on Se7en’s official website to compete to win an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for you and a friend to spend a night on the town with Se7en! The winner will also win a gift bag from Verizon Wireless with a whole bunch of cool gear so that you can stay closer in touch with Se7en!

The time has finally come so make sure to check out Se7en’s website on February 24th to learn about everything going on!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and your continued love and support. With your help 2009 will be the year Se7en makes his mark in the U.S.


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[Pics] Stalker Pics Of Micky YooChun At A Car Park



credit: as tagged + 泡沫BubbleGuies + crazee91

It dint say where’s the car park located though . . .
Is the guy in white tee and long hair YooHwan??


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I Love Automatic Loveletter!!

I knew them from iTunes, i dint check them out till today. I really love their lyrics and their songs and i can’t get over it! I keep playing ‘Unhearted‘, ‘Make-up Smeared Eyes‘, ‘Just Keep Breathing‘, ‘Can’t Move On‘, ‘Changing Skies‘, ‘Don’t Make It So‘ and ‘Hush‘ over and over again~~ These are my favs at the moment. I really like their music and the way Juliet Simms sings is raw, that’s why the songs seems more real with emotions i guess.

Here are a few of Automatic Loveletter‘s Songs.

Make-up Smeared Eyes


Just Keep Breathing


Can’t Move On


Don’t Make It So






When We First Met


Changing Skies




The Answer


Let It Ride


Goodbye Neverland


The Day That Saved Us (Live) – from “The Hills”




More of them here:

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