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Win A Date With Se7en

FYI, Se7en’s debut has been postponed again. Originally it was said that Se7en will debut on Feb 14 but YG Entertainment thinks that there are more preparations needed so had to push the date to March 4. But then it was announced, YG again postponed the official revealed to March 10 with the same reason, there is still more preparation work needed to be done.

Hasn’t it been 2 years? Poor Se7en. . .

Anyways, here’s the news reported from Allkpop

Se7en KPOP Korean Music

Se7en fans can win a date with him. You can also win some free gear from Verizon Wireless. Here’s the details that posted on his official myspace page:

RQM and YG ENTERTAINMENT are proud to announce the long anticipated official release of SE7EN’s U.S campaign.

Hey everyone!

I know you all have been waiting a long time for this day to come but it’s finally here!! Se7en’s official website will be dropping on February 24th at http://www.se7enworldwide.com. It is packed with new pictures, videos and information about Se7en’s U.S. campaign and about the world wide release of his new music video “GIRLS” featuring the sexy hot hip hop diva, LiL Kim!

Also find out about how to win a date with… Se7en! Get all the details of the contest on Se7en’s official website to compete to win an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for you and a friend to spend a night on the town with Se7en! The winner will also win a gift bag from Verizon Wireless with a whole bunch of cool gear so that you can stay closer in touch with Se7en!

The time has finally come so make sure to check out Se7en’s website on February 24th to learn about everything going on!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and your continued love and support. With your help 2009 will be the year Se7en makes his mark in the U.S.



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Se7en’s American Debut Date Postponed


Singer Se7en will have his American debut on 4th March.

His American debut song ‘Girlz’, featuring famous rapper Lil Kim, was initially set to be released on 14th February, but it has been pushed back so that  he will prepare for his promotional activities starting in March.

YG Entertainment said, “He will reveal the song on 4th March, and the teaser MV will also be revealed on the same day – not only in America but also in Korea and Japan.”

The YG representative said, “Because there is need for more preparation for his promotion in America, the date was pushed to March.”

This will be Se7en’s American debut 2 years in the making.


credit: K Bites

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Sandara Park To Make Acting Debut


Filipino star Sandara Park is to make her acting debut in a Korea drama, “The Return of Iljimae.” She will appear as Rie, a ninja who meets with the show’s main character, Iljimae, in Japan. She will demonstrate her stunning martial arts moves in the upcoming episodes, which will start airing on February 11th. 

Park’s representative, YG Entertainment, said that Park has plans to appear on two more Korean dramas this year. She is also a member of Big Bang’s female version. Her singing career in Korea will be launched after her drama appearance. 

Park has been a top singing and acting star in the Philippines. She signed a contract with YG Entertainment in 2007 to start her career anew in Korea. She was first introduced to the Korean public through singer Gummy’s music video in which she kissed Top, a member of today’s hottest group, Big Bang. She grew up in the Philippines when her family moved there when she was 10 years old.


credit: KBS World + crazee91

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Sandara Park To Appear As Actress Before Singer


Upcoming ‘Female Big Bang‘ group member Sandara Park will appear in front of everyone as an actress before she do so as a singer.

Sandara Park took part inthe filming of the 1st episode of MBC drama ‘Comeback of Il Ji Mae’, and there is also possibility of her on appearing on the 7th episode set to air on 11th February. Sandara Park will play a female Japanese ninja in the drama.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park is set to debut in upcoming ‘female Big Bang‘ group together with members Park Bom, CL, Gong Ji Min and another member, with Big Bang member GDragon as the producer to their debut album.

YG Entertainment said, “We have decided on the last member to the group and has gotten down to preparing the album. But we still have not decided on the name of the group.”


credit: K Bites

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SeungRi Casted For Movie “71” With Kim Bum And Yoo SeungHo



Big Bang member SeungRi together with actors Kim Bum and Yoo Seung Ho has been casted for movie ‘71′.

‘71′ is the story of 71 South Korean student soldiers who fought the war on the morning of 10th August 1950 with North Korean army.

SeungRi, whose hometown is in GwangJoo, will be using his accent in the movie acting as one of the student soldiers. In the movie, the 71 student soldiers will be led by their commanders Park Ha Seob (played by Kim Bum) and Yoo Jin (Yoo Seung Ho).

This will be SeungRi’s second appearance in movie after the previous filming of ‘Why did you come to our house’. SeungRi was casted as one of the student soldier through a public audition.

YG Entertainment said, “This will be a good acting experience for SeungRi. After his acting debut in musical ‘Sonagi’ last year, SeungRi will move on to try other areas like dramas and movies.”


credit: K Bites

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YG Entertainment Denies Love Relationship Between Goo HyeSun And Kim JiHoon


Rumours have it that talent Goo Hye Sun and Kim Ji Hoon is going on a love relationship for the past 4 months.

YG Entertainment had said on 3rd February, “These rumours are groundless.”

It has been understood that Goo Hye Sun and Kim Ji Hoon has been close friends still their trainee days with Goo Hye Sun preparing to be a singer and actress under YG Entertainment, and Kim Ji Hoon under SM Entertainment.

The reason such rumours arised is that Goo Hye Sun has been working closely with and receiving the help from Kim Ji Hoon on her upcoming new edge album.

Goo Hye Sun’s close friends also spoke up, “Rumours of love relationship between the 2 are not true. The 2 of them are really close friends to the extent that Kim Ji Hooneven know Goo Hye Sun’s elder sister well.”


credit: K Bites


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MTV ‘Best Awards’ Holds Their Online Award Ceremony

A festival for the netizens and the viewers, Attention as MTV ‘Best awards’ holds their Online Award Ceremony

– 2008’s best character is “Kim Yeon A’, 2008’s best singer is ‘DBSK‘ and 2008’s news of the year is ‘Choi Jin Shil Suicide’.

SNSD who have come back with “GEE” were named 2008’s worst fashion terrorist, Rain was named best comeback artist and TOP of Big Bang was name best sexy icon.

Go away untrstworthy “BEST” insert-title votes that others have decided!

‘Best Awards’ that was hosted by MTV Homepage ad three categories that were on fire. 2008 Best Artist, Best News and Best Character. Kim Yeon Ah took Best character, DBSK took best singer and Choi Jin Shil suicide’ took 

The best artist for 2008 was a bote that made everyone sweat ’till the very end. DBSK were decided as the best singers for 2008 with a high vote percentage of fifty, but the staff say that ’till the last minute DBSK and Big Bang were on fire. There’s a rumour that DBSK won because of the last spurt voting that boosted them up 10%.

— Talks about other categories —

People voting in the ‘2009 Expected Star’ vote will be a part of a draw with amazing prizes. One is the DBSK calendar. There’s is also a MP3 Player designed by the WonderGirls and Super Junior photobook. For more detail, vitsit http://www.mtv.co.kr.

Source: http://media.daum.net/press/view.html?cate…3168&p=newsispr + MTV Network
Translation Credit: ¾Ö±â»þ¡Ù @TVXQaustralia

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