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Artists’ MR Videos

All the videos below are MR removed.

BoA – My Name + Girls On Top 


CSJH The Grace – Girlfriend + One More Time, Ok


After School – Ah


Seungri – Strong Baby


SHINee – Love Like Oxygen + Amigo


Wondergirls – Nobody + Irony


Kara – Pretty Girl + Break it


SJ – Don’t Don


vide credit: lolly1588


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Korea Netizens’ Newest Gadget ‘MR Removed’ Videos To Evaluate Singers


There has been recently a craze amongst netizens to post up ‘MR removed’ videos on the internet which also led to many comparing the vocal powers of various singers.

‘MR removed’ videos minimizes any MR (music recorded) in the song and maximizes the vocal of the singer – the singer’s vocal will be the only thing audible possible.

For a singer who cannot sing well, with all the sound magnification and voice companion at the chorus, the song may sound alright. But with the ‘MR removed’ version, only the vocal of the singer will be clearly audible.

Especially recently, a lot of ‘MR removed’ versions of live performances have been posted on the internet, and netizens have been comparing between singers on their vocal prowess.

Currently, the hot favourites for ‘MR removed’ clips are done mostly on popular groups  and also other singers  – but dance songs have been given especially sharp evaluations by the netizens.

While netizens felts that singers like Big Bang, Dong Bang Shin Ki, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Cheon Sang Ji Hee and BoA have good live vocal capabilities, some netizens felt that live performances by WonderGirls, KARA and TaeGoon to be disappointing.



SNSD – Gee (MR Removed)


Some of the ‘MR Removed’ clips


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91

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CSJH The Grace Will Not Be Joining SMTOWN Live In Bangkok

The Grace are not gonna join SMTOWN LIVE’08 IN BANGKOK on 2009/02/07

We have an important piece of news to announce today. As we all know about a serious injury of Stephanie, it seems to not getting better and SM Ent has decided that without Stephanie, or any other member for that matter, The Grace will not be able to perform perfectly as they would love to. It is extremly difficult decision for SM Ent, Dreammaker, Adamas and The Grace themselves as well. We are terribly sorry for this unfortunate event. The Grace will not be here in Bangkok for this concert. However, to make up for this sad event and some missing songs, SM Ent will put in many new songs from various SMTOWN artists that have never been performed in SMTOWN anywhere else in this show! These many new songs as well as a special show will come from all SMTOWN artists with a promise of the best performance from them to give to the fans here. What new songs or which special show will be shown here, come see for yourself in this concert!

credit: smtowninbangkok + sharingyoochun

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SM Entertainment To Hold Global Audition For Year 2009


SM Entertainment, Korea’s largest agency that produced such world stars as BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, and Girls’ Generation, will host the 2009 SM Entertainment Global Audition in Korea. SM Entertainment has been conducting this worldwide audition since 2006. This year’s audition is to start in Korea on February 14 and travel to 15 countries, including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Canada, and the United States. 

The audition is open to anyone with no restrictions in nationality or age. There are five categories – singing, acting, modeling (fashion and commercial), dancing, and music composition. Applicants are encouraged to register their personal information and photo online (2009sm@smtown.com), but they can also register at the audition site on the day of audition. Winners will be guaranteed exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment and receive total management for their careers in the entertainment industry. More detailed information on the global audition is available on the official homepage of SM Entertainment.


credit: KBS World
shared by: crazee91 

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SMTOWN Concert Songlist


DBSK will perform MIROTIC and WRONG NUMBER in SM festival in BANGKOK
Thailand 20090207 SMTOWN Concert Songlists (09 New)

Part 1
1) SM 09 Show! SM Dance Meeting Party
– Lose My Breath – SNSD
– Fantasia – CSJH The Grace
– Take It To The Floor – SHINee
– Buttons – Zhang Li Yin
– Sexy Back – Super Junior
– What’s Up -TVXQ
2) Angels – Suday The Grace
3) Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Dana The Grace
4) Too Good – CSJH The Grace Feat. KyuHyun SJ
5) Run It + 4 Seasons + Real – SHINee
6) I Will – Zhang Li Yin
7) Hey! Mickey – SNSD
8 ) Complete + Can Not Say – SNSD
9) Hug – TVXQ
10) Love Is… – TVXQ

11) One Love – EunHyuk Feat. Xiah TVXQ
12) The Charm Of The 21st Century – Uknow Micky ShinDong DongHae Key
13) Goose’s Dream – KyuHyun & Chu Yin???
14) Staggered Love – JongHyun
15) If + Can You Hear Me – TaeYeon SNSD
16) Crazy – SMTOWN-ROCK!! – HeeChul SJ
17 ) The Ducks Fly – SMTOWN-ROCK!! – Chang Min TVXQ
18 ) You Are Born To Love People – Jessica Tifffany Dana Chu Yin??
19) Than The Love Of Deep Wounds – Lina The Grace
20) No. 2 At The Winter – The Sound 厉旭 Temperature Flow Arts
21) I Believe That Love – Zhang Li Yin
22) What U Want – Stephanie ??
23) U + Me – Super Junior M
24) Twins – Super Junior
25) Our Love – Super Junior
26) A Long Time Ago – Super Junior
27 ) Under the Sea + Snow Dream – SM Family


Part Ⅱ

29) Purple Line – TVXQ
30) Boomerang – CSJH The Grace
31) ‘O’ Jung Ban Hub – TVXQ
32) A Man In Love – Super Junior
33) Rising Sun -TVXQ
34) Love Like Oxygen – SHINee
35) In My Room – SHINee
36) You’re My Miracle – TVXQ
37) You’re My Endless Love – Super Junior
38 ) Gee – SNSD
39) Way To Go – SNSD
40) Catch The Shooting Star – CSJH The Grace
41) One More Try – Zhang Li Yin
42) Dancing Out – Super Junior
43) Love In the Ice -TVXQ
44) Nuna Is Very Pretty [Replay] – SHINee
45) Dancing In the Rain + The Club + One More Time Ok? – CSJH The Grace
46) Moto + Girls on Top – SNSD
47) DANCE BATTLE – DongHae TaeMin Uknow HyoYeon ShinDong HanKyung EunHyuk Xiah Stephani ????
48 ) Smile – Super Junior
49) Oasis – TVXQ
50) Hi Ya Ya Summer – TVXQ

51) Happiness – Super Junior
52) Wonder Boy – Super Junior
53) Balloons – TVXQ
54) Mirotic + Wrong Number – TVXQ
55) Show Me Your Love – TVXQ + Super Junior

56) Hotmail – SM Family
57) Red Sun – SM family

Credit:KoreanXKorean@soompi +sharingyoochun@wordpress

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SM Entertainment Global Audition 2009 Will Kick Off In Korea

S.M. Entertainment will be joining forces with its subsidary company, S.M. Bravo in organizing the 2009 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition. Stars currently under the S.M. Entertainment label include the likes of KangTa, BoA, DBSK, CSJH The Grace, Super Junior, Jang Ri In, So Nyeo Shi Dae, Shinee, Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee. The auditions will kick off first in various cities around Korea.


S.M. Entertainment Global Audition first started in 2006 and took place in over 15 countries including China, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, America, Canada, etc and is a large-scale overseas event. Starting with Korea on the 14th of this month, the global audition will then proceed to China, Japan, countries in South-East Asia, Canada, America, etc, hoping to discover the next big thing.

S.M. Entertainment Global Audition was conceptualized with the main focus on discovering talent from overseas. But after getting bombarded with calls and requests from interested talents in Korea, S.M. decided to hold auditions in Korea as well and there are plans to make this permenent in future.

From 14 – 28th February, 2009 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition in Korea will kick off the first stage in Seoul, Jeonju, Daejeon, Pusan, Suwon, Gwangju, Daegu. For those who cleared the first stage, they will then go on to the 2nd stage where they will be tested with the newly imported S.M. Bravo system.

Regardless of your nationality or age, anyone who aspires to be a singer, actor/actress, model (fashion, CF), dancer or song composer (lyrics) can sign up. There are 2 ways to sign up for this, 1 is by sending in your resume and photo through email on the day before the audition. Another way is to report on the day itself with the necessary stated documents between 2 – 4pm.

For those who cleared all the stages of the audition, they will get to sign a contract with S.M. Entertainment and become a trainee. All training expenses including food, lodging, etc will be borne by S.M. Entertainment. Stars who came through the global auditions include DBSK Micky YooChun, CSJH The Grace Stephanie, Super Junior Ki Bum and Han Kyung, So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany, Trax J. Henry from Super Junior-M was the winner of the 2006 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition back then and is now very active in China.

For more information or enquiries, check out the official website.


credit: Coolsmurf


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Countdown 3 Days Before SMTOWN Live In Bangkok

SM artists cover bands which are gonna be on the stage on the Press conference day 209/02/06

Big Play
Brown A’ Rose Zen
Phantom Hype
Plassion Trip
Ultima Weapon
Lavender Kiss
Deva Linez

The cover bands which are gonna be at the activity park on the concert day 2009/02/07 around 12:00pm
Glanzend Gracieux
Soul Step
Cher Quad Di Peer
Mon “O” Ceros
Miracle K-Pop
The Trieze
Shocking Pink
La Tiara
Sweet Sense
Crystal Quartz
Big Play
Shiny Girls
Phantom Hyde
Plassion Trip
Ultima Weapon
Lavender Kiss
Deva Linez


Sm fans, dont be worried about the food. Adamas arrange the fine price food at the activity park

23 shops

Spring roll
Fried rice
Chicken Pie
Pad Thai (Changmin loves eating this)
Ice Cream
Pop corn
Beverage from Fanta


credit: smtownliveinabangkok+Sharingyoochun@wordpress

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