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Win A Date With Se7en

FYI, Se7en’s debut has been postponed again. Originally it was said that Se7en will debut on Feb 14 but YG Entertainment thinks that there are more preparations needed so had to push the date to March 4. But then it was announced, YG again postponed the official revealed to March 10 with the same reason, there is still more preparation work needed to be done.

Hasn’t it been 2 years? Poor Se7en. . .

Anyways, here’s the news reported from Allkpop

Se7en KPOP Korean Music

Se7en fans can win a date with him. You can also win some free gear from Verizon Wireless. Here’s the details that posted on his official myspace page:

RQM and YG ENTERTAINMENT are proud to announce the long anticipated official release of SE7EN’s U.S campaign.

Hey everyone!

I know you all have been waiting a long time for this day to come but it’s finally here!! Se7en’s official website will be dropping on February 24th at It is packed with new pictures, videos and information about Se7en’s U.S. campaign and about the world wide release of his new music video “GIRLS” featuring the sexy hot hip hop diva, LiL Kim!

Also find out about how to win a date with… Se7en! Get all the details of the contest on Se7en’s official website to compete to win an all expense paid trip to Los Angeles for you and a friend to spend a night on the town with Se7en! The winner will also win a gift bag from Verizon Wireless with a whole bunch of cool gear so that you can stay closer in touch with Se7en!

The time has finally come so make sure to check out Se7en’s website on February 24th to learn about everything going on!

Thank you to everyone for your patience and your continued love and support. With your help 2009 will be the year Se7en makes his mark in the U.S.



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Se7en’s American Debut Date Postponed


Singer Se7en will have his American debut on 4th March.

His American debut song ‘Girlz’, featuring famous rapper Lil Kim, was initially set to be released on 14th February, but it has been pushed back so that  he will prepare for his promotional activities starting in March.

YG Entertainment said, “He will reveal the song on 4th March, and the teaser MV will also be revealed on the same day – not only in America but also in Korea and Japan.”

The YG representative said, “Because there is need for more preparation for his promotion in America, the date was pushed to March.”

This will be Se7en’s American debut 2 years in the making.


credit: K Bites

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Se7en To Release American Single Album On Valentines’ Day


Singer Se7en will finally release his American single album and his debut song will be ‘Girlz’.

Se7en’s company YG Entertainment said, “We will first release Se7en’s single album as digitial single. We are working at releasing it on 14th February which is also Valentines’ Day.” We will finally get to see the result of Se7en’s 2 years preparation for the American market.

Se7en first had his press conference on his American debut in 2006 October. And last May, he did a preview party in Los Angeles and he also did a showcase in December last year.

His debut song ‘Girlz’ will also feauture famous female rapper Lil Kim.

While Se7en is set to release his debut single album on 14th February, BoA will also be releasing her debut full album ‘BoA‘ on 17th March with the title song ‘I Did It For Love’.


credit: K Bites

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Se7en Is A Diva



Los Angeles journalist David Yi wrote a succulently juicy account of running into Se7en at the KoreAm Journal Unforgettable 2008 awards ceremony in November.

According to Yi, Se7en a HUGE DIVA!!! He’s also delusional, but we’ve always known that.

Here are some scandalous, image-damaging highlights from the encounter:

[on Se7en’s performance] “I saw many people walking out, many to the bar.”

[on diva behavior] “He was backstage and didn’t even go onstage even when we tried to push him. He was too busy looking at his face and playing with his hair in front of a mirror.”

[on assimilating with others] “Se7en then left across the room to greet some non-Asians, giving them high-fives, exchanging handshakes. A false sense of Americanism.”


[on photo-ops] “Instead of simply smiling and putting an arm around a person’s shoulder like a normal person posing for the camera, he turned his back sideways, cocked his head up, and put two fingers on his lips in a shushing motion.”

[on speaking English] “There was no dialogue, no back and forth conversation. It was me asking him questions he didn’t care answering at a venue he could care less for, in front of Asian Americans he would rather choose not to associate with.”

I always knew that Se7en’s American debut wasn’t doing too hot, but this is worse than I imagined. Is his really how he plans to win over nonexistent fans? Se7en’s got a lot of nerve to act this arrogant for being a Verizon Wireless salesclerk.

To view the original entry from the journalist, click here


credit: seoulbeats


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