Fans Surprise Event For ChangMin’s Birthday

Changmin’s Birthday,”The Day an Angel came down[from Heaven/Sky]” & Fans Surprise Event

“Asia’s Star” TVXQ, member Choikang Changmin (Shim Changmin) celebrated his birthday, and fans are sending lots of Birthday messages.
On the 18th, Changmin celebrated his 21/22nd birthday, and to celebrate his birthday, fans visited fancafe, and other site and posted birthday messages.
Netizens; “Entering the tough entertainment industry at such a young age, We are very thankful, and Happy Birthday. February 18, is the day an angel named Shim Changmin, came down from the Heaven/Sky.” etc. etc. & more messages
Some fans, on his birthday opened up another homepage/website and the fans showed a surprise event.
Translated: 2MY
Credit: DNBN + CN
shared by: tvxqaustralia forum


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