TaeGoon Dropped Out Of University To Fulfill His Dreams



Newcomer singer TaeGoon revealed that he had actually dropped out of 1st year of university to fulfil his dreams as a singer.

He said in an interview recently, “If I had continued with my first year in school, I would not have become a singer. I was 20 then. So I thought I should stop school.”

TaeGoon has actually liked dancing since he was in secondary school. After which he had entered Korea Arts School taking dance as his major. But because of his participation on ‘Battle ShinHwa’, he had to drop school.

TaeGoon, “I never regretted my decision. If I had been eliminated from ‘Battle ShinHwa’, I may had become a real pitiful child, but I feel I will get more out of it. Until then, I had been a child protected under the wings of his parents dreaming to be a singer, but after participating on the program I really experienced what it is like in the society.”

“I had been hurt many times too. But having participated on the show, I had made many connections with people who had took care of me well. Even though I was picked from the show for doing very well, I thought there were many of my friends on the show who did better than me. I am someone who can’t just shake off my feelings and let things just pass.”


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91


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