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ChangMin ah. . . 영원히 사랑해



창민오빠, 생일축하해 ~~

Our magnae has grown up to become a man now.
I’m so proud of him<3


magnae Manly Min!! Oh hotttt!!!!! OMG at the end! omo omo too hotttttt~~~~ *nosebleed* 

hehe. . .




happy bday changmin<3
Cuz you brought me laughters with your sarcasm and witty humor,
I’m thankful that you exist and exist in TVXQ together with your loving hyungs, cuz of that I got to know you and love you as my favourite member for the last 3 years.
And for the last 3 years, your vocal, your songs has brought me joy and amazement.


  Though you’re thousand miles away
My heart is always with you
and I’ll stand by your side
through days and nights

I don’t need much from you
I just want you to be happy
and be able to live everyday
with smiles and laughters 

You don’t know how wonderful it is
just because you exist
You’ve light up a lot of hearts
especially mine

사랑아,  사랑해. . . 


내 사랑아, 울지마

사랑아, let’s walk through forever together,hand in hand and side by side,
let’s be together even though forever is not long enough. . .


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One response to “HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY CHANGMIN!!

  1. amandaudrey

    happy birthday our dearest changmin.

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