Micky YooChun’s New Car

It’s AUDI R8. I wonder which color did YooChun buy, probably the black one. He has 3 cars currently and this one is just #$%#*&))**%^#$^#!!! Speechless~~ can’t spazz properly >< Btw, he just bought  this yesterday.

This is it~ he bought it and used it already~ wow!

OMG its one HOT sports car Imagining Yoochun!!

credit: dbsknights
shared by: crazee91



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2 responses to “Micky YooChun’s New Car

  1. Nana

    how much is he earning? he must be earning alot since they are so popular

  2. I’m not meaning to be a pain, but I just think you can write better content than this. More detail would be a start.

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