Fly!! SUPER 30th Anniversary Compilation Album

Japan TV network series “Fly!! SUPER” 30th Year Anniversary compilation morning song

Release date: March 4th, 2009 (Wed)
Price: 2,730 (tax included)

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The first compilation album was out on March 5th, 1979 with “Fy!! Morning” and now it’s already 30 years from that. The album has been in wheather theme started in fall 2005.

Sunny days, rainy days, but Sunday is the day where the weather has to be wonderful!

Visit every day, “morning” HAPPY moment to be greeted with a warm feeling, and vitamin supplements songs: “Morning Song” – Please enjoy!


<Track List>

[01] DEPAPEPE: “Morning Smile” [2005 fall theme]

[02] CHEMISTRY with ジェイク・シマブクロ×宮本笑里: “ALIVE” [2009 winter theme]

[03]: “Together” [2007 fall theme]

[04] TVXQ: “Kiss The Baby Sky” [2008 fall theme]
Songwriting: YUCHUN. Arranger: YUCHUN, Inoue Makoto Nirou

[05] SUKIMASUITCHI: “PIKANBUGI” [2006 spring theme]

[06] Lisa Ono: “Morning Sun” [2006 summer theme]

[07] SIMABUKURO SHIMABUKURO featuring Jake Blues: “A New Day” [2007 summer theme]

[08] PE’Z: “Wood Sorrel – Heart Shine Through” [2007 winter theme]

[09] RYTHEM: “Wish (sunglow Ver.)” [2006 winter theme]

[10] GANGA ZUMBA: “ZOOM IN SKY” [2008 summer theme]

[11] coba: “good luck! ~ Take2″ [2006 fall theme]

[12] RAG FAIR “Kokoro Forecast (Weather Forecast Ver.)” [2007 spring theme]

[13] 羽毛田丈史・宮本笑里・ゴンザレス三上fromゴンチチ・小松亮太・松谷 卓: “Hello, Goodbye” [2008 spring theme]

[14] 宮本笑里×ジェイク・シマブクロ: “ALIVE” (Violin & Ukulele Version) [2009 winter theme]

[15] DEPAPEPE: “Swingin ‘Happy X’mas” [2005 winter theme]

[16] FUNKY MONKEY BABYS: “Morning Shot” (bonus track)

source: murasaki hashidoi
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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