Another JunSu Admirer

Actress Moon Geun Young recently (yesterday) posted an enttry on her cyworld talking about TVXQ. She also mention “TVXQ are not only good looking idols, the reason is beacuse Xiah Junsu’s true talent”

동방신기가 단지 멋지고 예쁜 아이돌이 아니라는 증거는…
바로 시아준수의 가창력때문이 이닐까?
나는 이 노래를 들으면서 그런 생각이 들었다.
그는 진심을 담아서, 최대한의 고운 목소리로 노래 한다고…
내가 너무 좋아하는 노래. 좋아하는 목소리…..

PS. 모두들 Beautiful Thing이 가득한 꿈시길

[rough translation of the korean.]
Proving that TVXQ are not only just cool and pretty idols…
Isn’t it precisely because of Xiah Junsu’s singing ability?
When I listen to this song, I have these kind of thoughts.
Because he sings with sincerity, he does it with the most beautiful voice..
I like this song very much. Such a loving voice…

PS. I hope everyone is filled with dreams of Beautiful Thing

Translated by: kahel_luna @dbsg

Credits: jyjcy @dbsg + xietinloveshero


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