DBSK Won’t Attend Seoul Music Awards


from dbsknights, DBSK won BONSANG AWARD for MIROTIC  and SHINee accepted for them.


TVXQ wont attend Seoul Music Award which will be held on the 18th, at 12 pm

Eventhough last year it’s already scheduled that TVXQ will come to attend the award ceremony, yet suddenly they have schedule in Japan which overlap theirs in Korea.

One of TVXQ’s representative said “Dong Bang Shin Ki is already (focused) in Japan from the beginning of the year, and since their schedule is already full in Japan, we can’t take care for the domestic (Korea) schedule.”


In the award ceremony, previously was already arranged that TVXQ, Big Bang, SS501, Wonder Girls, SNSD, and the other artists which are 10 teams in total would have a performance battle. However, due to TVXQ’s possible absence, there will be only 9 teams competing on stage.

When an artist couldn’t attend an award ceremony, their right of any award that may be given to them can also be influenced. Yet, Cassiopeia has been doing their best to avoid it. Ever since the official announcement of TVXQ not attending Seoul Music Award released, they held an “abolition request” petition. The petition is only up online for 8 days and so far it’s already signed by 3,400 people.

We’ll see if that works ^^

source: All-star news ent + dnbn
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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