Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide Got Platinum Certificate



It’s already announced that Japan Association of Records on October 10, 2009 will give Tohoshinki Platinum Disc Certificate for 101,861 sales for their 25th single,「Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / 忘れないで」.

For info:

Gold: 1000,000 sales
Platinum Gold: 250,000 sales
Platinum: 100,000 sales


Here’s the breakdown of the sales:

「Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky / 忘れないで」

Release date: 2009.01.21

“Bolero / Kiss The Baby Sky /忘れないで”东方神起

2009/02/02 * ** (rank) 1st 89,071 copies, total 89,071 copies
2009/02/09 * (rank) 14th * 9,026 copies, total 98,097 copies
2009/02/16 * (rank) 24 * 3,764 copies, total 101,861 copies

source: music-man + kyong-ha@3asian
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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