“Wasurenaide” Becomes Kyoko Fukada’s MENARD CF Song

After Tohoshinki Park Yoochun’s self composed song from their 25th single Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide, Kiss The Baby Sky became theme song of Japanese show ZOOM IN last year, now it’s Kim Jaejoong’s self composedWasurenaide from the same single becomes background song of Japanese top actress Kyoko Fukada’s new CF, MENARD cosmetics.

Bolero is the main soundtrack of upcoming joint project movie Subaru, Kiss The Baby Sky was the theme song for ZOOM IN, and now Wasurenaide is becoming Kyoko Fukada’s CF song. It’s really not an empty can when Tohoshinki introduced their 25th single as TRIPLE A single as each of the song shines in their own way.

This CF is planned to be released on February 16th, however, so far there’s no official statement from related parties yet.

source: japan web + togetherTVXQ + hoobs + MiSu@TVXQIndo
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress



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2 responses to ““Wasurenaide” Becomes Kyoko Fukada’s MENARD CF Song

  1. Nana

    wat does 3A mean?

  2. Good question.. I’m not sure either to be honest. haha. . .

    sorry ><

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