SM Town Messages To Thai Fans

SMTOWN in Bangkok official site would like to thank to all the fans that came to Yamaha Presents SMTOWN LIVE’08 in Bangkok on 2009/02/07.

Adamas would like to talk to SM artists but everthing was so in a rush on that night.


Every SM artist was very impressed with everything the fans did for them such as the cheercode, the glow sticks etc. SM artists would like to apologise for the inconvenient and for the non-perfect performance.


Yunho was so impressed with the birthday cake. He said “the cake was so delicious” (though he didn’t mean to taste it but it was all over his face and his mouth) Yunho hope this concert could impress everyone. Especially Mirotic cuz it’s the 1st time DBSK performed Mirotic outside Korea. In the end Yunho said to Thai cassiopeia “see you again real soon”


Changmin said he heard the fans encore request was super load (that’s why he lost control and had so much fun during the concert)


SUJU said they were so happy to get to meet Thai ELF. The stadium is so huge. This was the great concert.

SNSD said Thai fans ar so sweet and they’d like to visit Thailand again.

Adamas didn’t get a chance to talk with Zhang Ri in and SHINee. But all of them would like to thank to Thai fans. SM artist gave it 100% in this concert.

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