Fans Show Love For SNSD SooYoung


So Nyeo Shi Dae’s SooYoung received a special gift from her fans for her birthday.

It’s SooYoung’s birthday today- was born in 1990. Fans congratulated SooYoung’s 19th birthday by putting up an advertisement for her birthday on HanGyeoRae newspaper on 10th February.

In the news ad which was put up by 10 fans wrote,

“Cheerful princess Miss SooYoung! We really congratulate you on your 19th birthday! Even though it is a tough and melancholic world out there, enjoy your time in So Nyeo Shi Dae!”

On the message, the ID, age and sex of 15 fans involved were also revealed. The different age group and sexes of the fans in the list had shown SooYoung’s wide fan base.

SM Entertainment representative said, “SooYoung saw the ad on the internet before she started on her schedule. SooYoung wants to tell her fans that she will enjoy her time as part of Girls’ Generaton in this melancholic world.”


Credits: Sookyeong
shared by: minsarang 


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