YunHo’s Birthday Presents From Cassiopeia

At first when I saw these items my jaw dropped a wide ‘O’. . . 
Oh my~~ Cassies are really rich!! They never ceased to amaze me each time!
Lovesss them<33333


YAMAHA MOTIF XS8 (Synthesizer)
LEICA D-LUX3 (Digital Camera)


LG Xnote P300-UP77K (Notebook)


Shaving Kit


Set of Red Ginseng


Cosmetics Set








Pit Green Micro Golfer


Fancy Supplies


Birthday Cake and Flowers




2008 Calendar


credit: DBSKnights 


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One response to “YunHo’s Birthday Presents From Cassiopeia

  1. bizarrels2vetriangle

    omo! i’ve just wanted to cry after i see those presents!! God! Its so awesome! Good job to cassies in charge! *scream*

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