SNSD SooYoung’s Older Sister Is A Beauty

As reported earlier, Choi Soo Jin, elder sister of So Nyeo Shi Dae member Soo Young appeared on MBC Introducing Star’s Friend on 7th February. Netizens had already been talking about how beautiful she was from pictures before the show and the show’s PD had expressed that Soo Jin was the most beautiful non-celebrity to appear on Introducing Star’s Friend since it started.

Choi Soo Jin on Introducing Star's Friend

She certainly did not disappoint, looking even prettier in person than from photos. Soo Jin also showed that she was no bimbo, as she performed a song admirably and even performed So Nyeo Shi Dae’s Gee with style.

When they were children.


Before the show started.

Choi Soo JinSoo Young with her sister Soo Jin

Singing and dancing.


Decision time.


Soo Jin ended up with Daesung’s friend.



credit: coolsmurf
shared by: crazee91 


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