Oricon Daily Single Chart




*2 秋元順子 
*3 氷川きよし 
*4 GReeeeN 「歩み」 
*5 ユニコーン 
*6 KinKi Kids 
*7 My Little Lover 
*8 かりゆし58 
*9 チャットモンチー 
11 茂家瑞季/林桃子」 
12 月島きらり starring 久住小春(モーニング娘。) 
13 Miss Monday 
14 川田まみ 
16 里田まい with 合田兄妹 
17 Dragon Ash 
18 吉井和哉 
19 白石蔵ノ介 with 四天宝寺中 

20 東方神起 「Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/忘れないで」

21 アンジェラ・アキ 
22 水樹奈々 
23 JAY’ED 
24 鈴村健一 
25 加藤ミリヤ 
26 すぎもとまさと 
27 堀江由衣 
28 Aqua Timez 
29 Gackt 
30 AZU 
30 Lil’B


credit: DNBN + crazee91



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2 responses to “Oricon Daily Single Chart

  1. emily

    yo nic, i’m so sorry i wasn’t online these few days..
    the point is i got busted again!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was planning to return back the laptop early in that morning around almost 6 am while he was away but UNFORTUNATELY, luck wasn’t with me that day..
    i have no idea how the hell he ended up knowing that i stole it again..i think by somehow and some reason he lift up the laptop bag and it felt so light n knew i stole it again..
    actually,the laptop bag is always leaning to the cabinet and he must’ve wanted to get something inside the cabinet and so he lifted the bag..
    oh damn it…why am i so misfortune??!!!!
    and so that’s why until now i manage to get online..
    f.y.i, i’m at a cyber cafe right now..
    lol..i felt so sad coz i missed lots of dbsk stuffs and news esp. during the smtown bangkok..
    i’ll never ever forgive my dad!!!! i hate him so much!!!
    and u don’t mind right i took some stuff from ur blog?
    ok..bye~~ till we meet again..i mean, till i manage to get online again..

    and sorry for this irrelevant coment bout ur this post..hehe..
    daa..i’m gonna miss ya..

  2. Oh honey i feel bad for you~
    It’s ok, you can totally take stuff from my blog as long as u credit properly :D

    Do come online soon cuz i really miss you and ur blog too T_T
    btw, i hope u’re not in any trouble for being busted ><

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