Kim Bum Was In A Car Accident Again



Talent Kim Bum (19) has met with another car accident.

Kim Bum met with a car accident during dawn on 9th February on his way back from filming drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’, and was sent to GangDongSeongShim hospital in GangDongGoo. He also underwent a surgery. Fortunately, Kim Bum did not sustain from any major injuries except for a small injury at his toes.

Already, on 1st February, after the car that Kim Bum was riding in when he was travelling to a filming set in GyeongGiDo bumped into another car, fans were all worried about Kim Bum after he had complained of backache.

One of the staff at GangDongSeongShim hospital said, “Kim Bum was sent in at around 12.20 am and he underwent a survery for his torn toe. After the operation ended, there are plans for him to stay hospitalised for further treatment.”

Kim Bum is currently still receiving physical theraphy at the hospital.


credit: K Bites
shared by: crazee91 



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  1. huah..
    cute kim bum ..

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