A Taiwanese female group named ‘黑Girl‘ (Hey Girl) has caught the attention of many netizens for their resemblance in concept to Korea’s idol female group So Nyeo Shi Dae.

The group consists of 8 members, age ranging between the teens and twenties, and has been hailed as the ‘Taiwan’s So Nyeo Shi Dae‘.

There has also surfaced many comparison between these girls and So Nyeo Shi Daeon the internet by netizens on blogs, notice boards and blogs.

Most of the netizens have given more credits to So Nyeo Shi Dae, comparing in terms of looks and capabilities (dance and song).

The netizens made comments like, “After seeing this girl group, I don’t like them as much as I like So Nyeo Shi Dae” and “In terms of appearance (looks) in Asia, it seems Korea has the best of them all.”

Hey Girl




So Nyeo Shi Dae




When it comes to this comparison, I’ve always supported SNSD cuz seriously I think they’re better in terms of looks and singing and dancing. 黑GIRL ………….. no comment.


credit: K Bites



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11 responses to “SNSD vs 黑GIRL

  1. tiffany

    omfg,hey girl.
    oh plz,go away lar,hate to see thier face.

  2. babavivi

    SNSD > Hey girl ? -_-

  3. ronaldo

    Oh please,can you please dont compare hey girls to snsd….They dont deserve to be compared to snsd….just look at them,they are not as good looking as snsd…besides can they sing better than tae yeon and jessica….or can they dance better than yuri and hyeo yeon…..last but not least,do they have acting skills better than yoon a….I am sorry to tell the truth…Please forgive me….

  4. Jacky

    I am really shocked for a few reasons :
    -first, you just quoted the sentence “In terms of appearance (looks) in Asia, it seems Korea has the best of them all.”, does it mean that you agree to such a statement ?? It didn’t shock you ? It’s the first time I come on your website and I really liked your articles and comments contrary to some websites where they were only badmouthing. But here I am shocked and for the first time I want to post a comment !
    -second Hey Girl’s members are first entertainers and then a band so I’m not going to talk about that, they still have a long way to go. But can you please inform yourself before? You quoted sentences of the netizens like “Oh after seeing Hey Girl I prefer SNSD” but for how long have they known about SNSD and how long about Hey Girl, mmh let me think about it, 10 minutes? I think that they just saw their photos like you did and watched some random videos. And you chose the quite good photos for Hey Girl but for SNSD they are not quite good, I’m saying this from a neutral point of view as I’m not fond of both bands.
    – And to answer Ronaldo, not all of SNSD are pretty, only Tiffany, Yoona and the one next to Sooyoung really stand out, at least Hey Girl’s members “prettiness” are different from one another. Also, you are only choosing the members who are the strongest in their skills to compare, completely stupid and unfair, what else ? And I can answer you as they are entertainers first, yes they do have acting skills (and I’m not choosing the one who excells in acting). Be sorry, you are right.

  5. First of all, please let me explain that i did not quote those.
    I copied paste the news from the site i credited. I dint write it myself.

    I’ve known Hey Girl before they debut and was doing the show with Blackie.
    And, this comparison has been going on for a long time now but only recently some news site decided to cover this.

    I would like to ask you not to point fingers or make a fight with others.
    I know how you feel but sometimes it’s better to ignore rather make a scene.
    So please, let me to keep my site a peaceful one.

    Lastly, thanks for saying that you like my site and hope you’ll come again from time to time to read my posts despite this had happened.

  6. Jacky

    I’m not trying to start a fight but just did my best to make people have a better and fairer point of view of Hey Girl, not like in this article :) (let’s make peace with this smile, still I didn’t want to start a fight ;) )

    Keep on your work, you are doing well! =D

  7. It’ll be hard and sometimes it’ll be a waste of time if u’re trying to change people’s opinion.
    I had to learn that the hard way last time.
    My advice to you is if you wanna support your idol and defend them when this kind of stuff happens,
    1. ignore mean comments, or, 2. be really nice and if you have to voice out, say something nice instead.
    Cuz most ppl turn anti cuz of one’s fans actions.

    Btw, thanks. That’s really good to hear =]]
    Peace, friend. ^^

  8. Jacky


    Out of curiosity, may I ask you where do you come from ? :) Is it Malaysia (I only think about it because of the petition but I may be wrong) ?
    Love, friend ^^

  9. Yes, i’m from Malaysia =]
    And i’m chinese mix a bit of portugese.
    How about you?

    xoxo, friend xD

  10. Jacky

    I’m from France, my parents are Chinese :) mix of nothing :p but I don’t look Chinese because my skin is quite tanned like a Cambogian :) And I precise that I am a girl =D. Btw, was you born in 91 like in “crazee91” ?

    bye, friend ;) (what does xoxo mean??)

  11. Oh i see ^^

    Yes, i’m born in 91 ><
    I think xoxo means hugs and kisses xD
    that’s what my friend told me haha~

    p.s: check the contact page =]

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