Lee MinHo’s Painful Secret Revealed

Lee MinHo Painful Secret Revealed


Due to a 2006 car accident, Boys Over Flowers star Lee MinHo has an iron rod in his right thigh and knee. The accident injured his leg so badly he cannot take on action roles. He revealed that as a male actor, he had to hide the pain of this weakness. He was even up for a part in “Swallow the Sun” but had to pass because of the action scenes.

His doctors advised the overnight sensation to be very careful because if something were to happen to the bone, he could lose the use of his right leg completely. He spent several months in the hospital after the accident and even though it has been three years since the accident, he’s still in the healing process. After filming wraps in April, Lee MinHo will undergo surgery to remove the metal rods. 

Sometimes when Goo JunPyo is walking around it seemed like he was tottering or shuffling. His manager compares the pain to what an obese person’s throbbing knees would feel like. 


credit: allkpop



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3 responses to “Lee MinHo’s Painful Secret Revealed

  1. iluvdramas

    oh poor thing…
    good work on BOF!

  2. tammyyy

    awwww poor minnyy!!!:(
    whens the surgery?

  3. kalia

    aww!… i feel soo sad for him…

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