Lee MinHo And Moon ChaeWon Model For Levi’s


Actress Moon Chae Won of “The Painter of the Wind” and the leading actor of KBS “Boys Before Flowers”, Lee Min Ho, will be the endorsers for Levis.

According to the news, Moon Chae Won has signed an endorser agreement with Levis, and will be filming a CF with Lee Min Ho, who is already the male endorser for Levi’s Jeans. A staff from the commercial company also revealed that Moon Chae Won and Lee Min Ho will be playing as a couple in a pure and lively commercial film.

During a recent interview with Moon Chae Won, she said: “Thanks everyone for the support this past one year. I will be playing a role in a TV drama this coming May. I hope everyone can continue to support me.”

Moon Chae Won has left a deep impression among viewers with her role in SBS “The Painter of the Wind” as a famous courtesan Jeong Hyang, which eventually won her a “Best Couple” award with Moon Geun Young in 2008 SBS Drama Awards. And Lee Min Ho is one of the most popular actor currently with the viewership of “Boys Before Flowers” shooting through the roof. They had both acted in SBS “Mackerel Run” back in 2007.


credit: hanfever
shared by: crazee91


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