[Fan Art] DBSK’s Dream Girls

When fans tried to create the oh-so-called women in dream for their idols… this is the result!

Changmin’s girl


Jaejoong’s girl


Junsu’s girl


Yoochun’s girl


Yunho’s girl



JaeJoong’s girl looks old and too tanned.. Micky’s girl looks old too but then again they’ve mentioned before they like noonas =.= 
Yunho’s girl should have straight long hair instead, but the looks’ good cuz she resembles a tough girl cuz Yunho likes the sassy XD
Honestly i don’t think JunSu’s dream girl would look like that though ><
ChangMin’s dream girl is so cuteeeee and pretty~~

 Oh well it’s just fan art eu kyang kyang :p

credit: baidu + dbsknights + sharingyoochun@wordpress


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