[Audio Preview+Trans] BoA – Believe In Love (Acoustic Ver)


–2nd track in BoA’s 27th single (EIEN)
–Believe in Love Translation:
Credits Pei @ Boajjang

Im looking for your voice
I got this feeling that I heard your voice
I stopped, alone, in the midst of a crowd

Im looking for your touch
There is nothing that a promise can bring now
My tears have surely been noticed

Im looking for your heart
The loneliness only thickens
When I let go of my silenced heart

Im looking for your love
Why can a person with unspeakable hurts
Bear to go on?

I believe The overflowing tears
Never be alone
Reflect my indelible wishes

I believe Ill reach it someday
Never cry again
And Im holding on I believe
Believe in love

Im looking for my fate
Is our future foolish?
Now I cant even say that for sure anymore

Im looking for my faith
Whether I look down or I look back
That sky will bring a new tomorrow

Im looking for my dream
The fortuitous memories will surely
Give me the illuminating answers

Im looking for my love
This heart has had sadness, even goodbyes
From the very beginning

I believe Even the ceaseless tears
Gonna smile again
Gather the light; how they shine!

I believe We will meet for certain
Gonna find my way
Cause Im moving on I believe
Believe in love

Im looking for my step
There are unspeakable hurts in my heart
But still, I walk on

Im looking for my smile
A ceaseless rain will never come
I believe in the ray of light that flows in


credit: BoAyumyum


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