South Korea Basketball Player Yang Hee Jong “My Dance Teacher was U-Know YunHo”

▶TVXQ Dance Teacher, Happy in Basketball Friend

Yang Hee-Jong has unusually close relationships with huge stars. In the entertainment industry he is friends with U-Know Yunho (TVXQ), SiWon (Super Junior) and HwanHee (Fly to the Sky) of SM Entertainment. Yang Hee-Jong said, “With the artists who like to play basketball, we have become more intimate as friends” he said.

TVXQ’s U-Know Yunho was his dance teacher. Yunho said, “After making a shot, why don’t we try to dance” and has taught him a variety of dance moves. However, it was rumored that dancing was too difficult to learn and that he has abandoned it and given up.

The joy, admitted by Yang Hee-Jong, is mastering basketball. Also with basketball it reinforces friendship.

He adds, “”All three of them are well-mannered and pure, it was good. Through talking we have easily became friends.”

Source: + DNBN
Trans: fangirlmitz 


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