Lee MinHo And Park BoYoung Photos Generates Interest

Lee Min Ho had predicted earlier in a report that there would be scandals written about him together with Park Bo Young, Choi Eun Seo and Moon Chae Won. Well, one of them has come true after photos of him together with Park Bo Young surfaced on several Korean portal sites on 2nd February.

No worries, I already told them

Lee Min Ho has possibly become the breakout star of 2009 thanks to his Goo Joon Pyo role in Boys Before Flowers. The same goes for Park Bo Young whose movieOverspeed Scandal with Cha Tae Hyun has been setting new box-office records in Korea almost weekly despite being released last December.

The photos of Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young together has generated much interest among netizens. Both were seen together in the movie Our School E.T which aired last year. In one of the photos with the background resembling a sandy soccer pitch, Lee Min Ho is seen sporting a wide grin and has his hand over Park Bo Young’s shoulder, posing a “V” (victory) sign. Lee Bo Young has an awkward expression etched on her face though. On closer inspection, Lee Min Ho looked like a giant towering over Park Bo Young with Min Ho’s hand seemingly able to cover the whole of Bo Young’s face with ease.

Awkward looking photo of Min Ho and Bo Young

Netizens were once again mightily impressed by Lee Min Ho’s height (1.86m) and many expressed their wish in seeing Lee Min Ho and Park Bo Young paired up together in a drama in future. Certainly 2 stars worth looking out for!

Filming for Our School E.T movie


credit: Coolsmurf



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5 responses to “Lee MinHo And Park BoYoung Photos Generates Interest

  1. geegie

    Joung woon S.J.love u

  2. mheme pagz

    hi…i like u park bo young and lee min ho..idOl..hehhehe mwah lUv


    it has been 5 years but i’m still wishing that they make movie, or kdrama together.. they look perfect togerhe!!!! :)

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