Kiss The Baby Sky PV Shooting


This is an account of one of the staff members who took part in the filming of KTBS PV~

Baby Sky~
This is actually a line from the Weather’s Show’s theme song that THSK sang last year. I actually took part in the filming of this PV last friday, together with a few other staff members. First we’ll talk about the set, it was a set that really suited the song, giving off a feeling of freshness. I was really glad that we managed to finish the filming. Behind-the-scenes shots will be revealed later in “zoom in”, please look forward to it as well. Anyway, the THSK members are really easy-going, interesting and humble people. They always wore a bright smile on their faces despite their busy schedules. I feel recharged every time I see them, and this allows me to work even harder. “zoom in” will be supporting THSK from now on, please look forward to their new PV.

Takeout with full credits.

Source: Fish_123123 + 金家四少的爱
Translations by: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
credit: sharingyoochun 


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