YG Entertainment Denies Love Relationship Between Goo HyeSun And Kim JiHoon


Rumours have it that talent Goo Hye Sun and Kim Ji Hoon is going on a love relationship for the past 4 months.

YG Entertainment had said on 3rd February, “These rumours are groundless.”

It has been understood that Goo Hye Sun and Kim Ji Hoon has been close friends still their trainee days with Goo Hye Sun preparing to be a singer and actress under YG Entertainment, and Kim Ji Hoon under SM Entertainment.

The reason such rumours arised is that Goo Hye Sun has been working closely with and receiving the help from Kim Ji Hoon on her upcoming new edge album.

Goo Hye Sun’s close friends also spoke up, “Rumours of love relationship between the 2 are not true. The 2 of them are really close friends to the extent that Kim Ji Hooneven know Goo Hye Sun’s elder sister well.”


credit: K Bites



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6 responses to “YG Entertainment Denies Love Relationship Between Goo HyeSun And Kim JiHoon

  1. wUlan.lUph

    . bOyZ oVer fLowErs…

    . wHy yOu cOmE tO iNdOnEsiA?????
    . bEcAuSe, i cAn mEet yOu…
    . oK!!!!!!,

  2. Lise

    No please geum jan di, you take junpyo and the other sunbae from bof and al take this one, and everybody’s happy! This brotha’s just too fine for his own good, av had my eye on him since ‘love marriage’ and now hes even yummier in SFFTS, aigooo… (drools)

  3. hyunjoo 2

    no pleas dont kim ji hoon you and Choi Jung Wonshi i just prfect together. i luve u

  4. yuliza

    I think they are best couple….

  5. Mira

    Please stop this shit ! They two are planning to get married kim ji hun is a ev who breaks hearts with out feeling regret …. I will never forgive him….

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