Kim Bum In Car Accident


With its first airing on KBS 2TV, idol drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ casted actors Kim Hyun Joong following Kim Joon following Lee Min Ho had met with minor car accidents. After which, female lead Goo Hye Sun has also injured herself at the swimming pool. And now news have it that Kim Bum has also met with a car accident.

Kim Bum has met with a traffic accident on 1st February at dawn while travelling to a filming set in GyeongGiDo. The car that Kim Bum was travelling in was hit from the back on the tailgate of the expressway.

What was fortunate was that Kim Bum did not sustain from any injuries during the accident. But because of filming schedule that day, Kim Bum did not get to receive any medical examination and had only did so today on 3rd February.


credit: K Bites



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105 responses to “Kim Bum In Car Accident

  1. emily

    omg..have u watch boys over flowers yet?..

  2. yes!! i loveee it!!
    have you?

  3. emily

    just some episodes..
    i watch it online..
    well, u know how unfortunate i am to get online..blame my dad..
    so i haven’t finish watching it..i think i’ll just buy the dvd.. not really a waste of my time waiting for each episodes to come out..and plus waiting for it to loading some more..i’m impatient..

  4. haha. It load pretty fast for me ~
    come on messenger and i shall tell u a secret XD

  5. emily

    i think i’ve replied to u at my blog that i can;t come to messenger..
    anyway, what secret are u gonna tell me?
    i’m so excited..haha..
    and i see u’re not blogging now? then what are u doing?

  6. haha i can only tell you when u’re on messenger. It’s not a big deal so dont get too excited, i dont want you to get disappointed ><

  7. Zara

    He’s the cutest am0ng the korean f4..does he speaks english? I hope he can,.im sure filipinos will be wanting him to visit the country after BOF airs here!

  8. diana

    do you have any contacts? email?multiply?frienster,website,anytrhing that can lead me to him!??!
    im totally struck with him..
    pls. email me
    thanks a lot!

  9. i really like his eyes!!!


  10. .,’hey..!wazUpP..?

  11. vivian

    i love this guy a lot!!!!!
    i love you kim bum :)

  12. mitch

    hes the cutest in all f4 boys haha..

  13. i love kim bum,since
    i saw him,at “boys before flowers”……
    but its ”boys over flowers” here in the
    philippines in tagalog version!!!!!

  14. niaxane

    …i lab yu YI JEONG=

    …ur terRbly cute!!!!

  15. bhea

    grabe mas sikat sila ahhhhhhh

  16. Kyu-Hyun

    he is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kyu-Hyun

    i have al ep. of dvd!!!
    are you korean??

  18. wow yuor film boys before flowers so good.
    i like it

  19. Helloow,,,whoever that have boys be4 flowers dvd,tell me how much is that,,,??

  20. try visiting girlsense.cOm poh try mu lng…

  21. nova

    kim kren bued deh…kya ank kcl bgd..

  22. ece

    güney kore filmleri cok guzellerrrr karekterlerini süper ve iyi oynuyorlar eger birgun allahin izniyle gidersem oraya tanismak istetigim sanaclar ve oynuncular var her eze iyi basari lar bye

  23. Eve

    Es tan mono me lo como!! Simplement lindo

  24. midori

    kim cute dech………

    mpe g bsn2 slalu mndngi u…..

  25. -ShatteredHeart-x3

    omiqosh!! HES SO FUCKING HOT!!! i love him!!! exspecially d hair!! :P hahaha! (:

  26. marina

    I really love kim bum , I hope kim bum can come to my country ‘Indonesia’ ,, who is know kim bum’s facebook ??

    Kim bum .. Gw punya kalimat buat lo *wajahmu mengalihkan duniaku*


  27. your so fantastic boys over flower you are so very cute kim bum

  28. cindy

    kimi o ai shiteru….

  29. nouwna

    kim bum
    1 word 4 u

    I LOVE YOU . . .

  30. wiki

    kim bum, you are so cool,handsome and perfect.your acting is very good.and your smile is very sweet.I LIKE YOU SO MUCH.MMMHHHUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  31. Su xuan

    Wow, i think he is the handsome boy i ever seen. .
    The smile he show iz so handsome..
    N the voice is sounds really good. .

  32. chea

    aduuh.. wktu hamil Ibunya ngidam apa ya..?! kq anknya bsa cakep bnget…
    o y,sbntr lg kn kimbum mw ultah.. gw mw ngcpn “met ultah y..”

  33. jollieh macy

    alam mo kim bum an kiyut kiyut mo ano type kita
    kamus ta ang boys over flower na si jandi jihoo woo bin ad kim bum ha

  34. jollieh macy

    huwe mindi kina meri tan gu jum pyo solti mirgos vansuella

  35. jandi

    hello are u ther ha u are very im pasibol lo lo

  36. jandi


    ome on messenger and i shall tell u a secret XD
    February 4, 2009 at 3:19 AM

    i think i’ve replied to u at my blog that i can;t come to messenger..
    anyway, what secret are u gonna tell me?
    i’m so excited..haha..
    and i see u’re not blogging now? then what are u doing?
    February 4, 2009 at 11:45 AM

    haha i can only tell you when u’re on messenger. It’s not a big deal so dont get too excited, i dont want you to get disappointed >
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  37. angela

    hi kim bum i really love u very much and i want to see u please dont get married or i will kill my self love u bye

  38. Meywa

    i love you kim bum,you very cute..
    when you come indonesia…??

  39. annyeong……kim bum.

    na tasha, na buteo indonesia.
    geurigo na sarang hamkke kim bum….
    na yeolsimhi kim bum oda euro indonesia.
    na yeolsimhi wa uyeonhi mannada kim bum..

    manil jeogeot ireonada, hwaksilhan na jinachige gippeum, na dang sineul manna gireul gidaehamnida.
    tasha sarang kim bum(so much)
    oya,,HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIM BUM………. :)

  40. kim bum is very cute..
    he is my boy!


  41. Siska Cute

    Hai… Are you Kim bum?
    I so really Like You..
    And Then I want.. Met You ..
    Can You Come To my Country in Indonesia?

    you’re So Cute, Can You Reply My Message …?
    in my id

  42. Siska Cute

    l Love You… so… I like Styling Perfomance…You..
    Give Love To all Your Friends …

    Plis Reply My Message ..Ok..
    Muaaaccckkk ^_^

  43. andiin

    kim bum you are so cute ..
    i never feel bored if i look at your photo ..
    love you so much !
    i hope you can replay it in my email !

  44. omg…………..
    i love it the boys over flowers….
    especially kim bum…..
    its so handsome …

  45. remy rose boquila says that she love’s you!!!

  46. lyra olores


  47. wUlan.lUph

    . i loVe iT bOys oVer fLowErs,
    . bEcAuSe, i fAns yOu,

    . wHy yOu cOme tO iNdonEsiA??…

  48. kapan ya kim bum ke jakarta bersama teman 2 boys befpre flowers nya ya

  49. kapan ya kim bum ke jakarta bersama teman 2 boys before flowers nya ya

  50. ari

    kim bum keren buanget di film boys before flower……apalagi pas wajahnya di close up……
    pokoknya keren banget deh…..

  51. hanny

    hi! I like U because I think You are cute .

  52. GITA

    I LIKE YOU kim bum,”Aku berharap banget kamu datang ke indonesia”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ku tunggu loh yah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. tt

    baby,u r very ,i very love you…do u want to love me?

  54. KpN yA…. tMn2 bbF dTnG kE mAkASSAr!!!!

    kLaW Bs CpT2

    i lIkE yOu!!

  55. rani

    I like you kim bum
    you very very so cute,,
    your face is very very hansome,,
    can you tour to indonesia?
    I will always remember you forever………

  56. LIZA07


  57. i like you & ilove you qimbum, lee min hoo, jee hoo

  58. i love you jeehoo, lee min hoo. very love.

  59. permata

    i love u kim bum,gun ju pyo and all boys before flower ……..
    missssssssss u all

  60. andin

    “kim bum” kamu manizzzzt buanged..kayak tupai qu di rumah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. indria

    KIM BUM amu koq muaniezzt buangeed towwww……… kayak adek quw di humzzzzt HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  62. fanny

    Wow,KIM BUM……..
    I want to be your wife…

  63. kamoka m talaga ako@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

  64. camz

    kim bum..
    hi,just wanna greet you,have a wonderful day..
    by the way,nice smile you,..
    and your most handsome in the f4..


  65. rissca

    ichhhhhh………….kim bum 2 emaNg cutEeeeee buangettttttttzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!kim u is one of all boy in the world that paling handsome…….he….he…..he

  66. sinta

    kim bum I LOVE YOU

  67. aroma

    boy over flowers!!! i just love it…. kim Biom is so cute.

  68. saya adalah fans kakak kimbum,gu jandi ,kim joon,jihu,dan kakak gu jun pyo aku sangat ingin sekali ke korea untuk bertemu kakak f4 tapi q tdk bisa ngungkapin sm bhs korea aku ingin kakak kimbum di kota ku

  69. kim bum itu memang ganteng sich tapi masik gantengan nabi YUSUF n kimbum no 2

  70. kimbum my love sepenuhnya kimbum sangat cuteeeeeeeeeeee n manis

  71. dewi

    haiii kim bum i like you…
    nmaq dewi
    q dri banjarmasin
    q brhrap km bsa dtg ke sni
    q n tmn2q adlh penggemar berat km loh
    q skul di sman 4 banjarbaru q klas x3
    ya mgkn q cmn bsa brhrp tuk km dtg ke bnjarmasin
    thanks dh mw bca e-mail q

  72. Ayzada

    I love you!
    Kim Bum super!

  73. yangchen

    I like da way to act in boys before flower and you hav such cuit and charming face. best regards to kim bum.

  74. marites

    hi im mary grace

  75. lyra

    h! how are u?

  76. ayu

    indonesian a love you
    you very hand some i much…. of to me…
    thanks……. ayu by..

  77. hellow your so cute i want magka movie kayo ni sarah geronimo…..


  79. cutipi

    i guess u r too CUTE’N’ I LUV U F4 ESP.JUN-PYO.

  80. gosh gwapo mo kim bum cute mo talaga bagay kayo ni

    gale sa boys over flowers

  81. putri

    hai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ka2 tambah guanteng ja nich!!!!!!!!!!!apa sich tipsnya???????????ka,,,,,,,,qu suka bangetsma ka2…………I LOVE U FOREVERRRRRRRR……….I MISS U……..

  82. nHe

    I love you

    kim saNg bum

    to forever love you

    you is so cute

    you is so hadsome

    you is the best

    -) i love you to always kim bum

  83. Bener2 g ngb0senin liat film ni..crita nya ceru n g0kil abiz..dtmbah da c cw0 ni tmbah btah dweh..i love u full..muach

  84. putri marcello

    Hai ka………pa kbar?????????ka2 qu ska banget sma ka2!!!!!!!!!!!hbis ka2 cool& ganteng banget,,,,,,,,,


    kpan ka2 main flm lgi???????????BYE>>>>>>>>BYE

  85. chuloxxz

    me parecio de lo mejor

  86. rose danny

    i love kim bum soooooooooo much beacouse he is a great actor and he is beautiful,cute and hot i love his role in (boys before flowers) omg he make me dissolve does anybody have kim’s E-mail ??

  87. Flor

    “In all the things you do, always do your best”

  88. FLor

    kim Bum has a lot of fans. .just want to say my regarz to him”,}

  89. eva

    sory kak aq gangu kakak lh gak aq ge fans ma kakak, aq fans kakak dari indonesia lh kan aq knl kakak lebih dlm………………………

  90. Gail

    Yeobosayo how are now i know you are enjoying i hope youll be having a movie where in you in kim aoeun will be 2gether

  91. adelia

    오빠 안녕 킴 붐!
    당신을 만나서 기쁩니다
    내 이름은 에이드 리입니다
    난 10 살이 었어요
    난 “알다시피”마 오래된 노래 제목이 좋아
    그리고 저 역시 꽃 남자 배우를 캐스팅하기 전에 싶어요
    즉 : 형님 리 민 호, 구대 성은 혜 노인의 아들, 형제 김범 (당신), 형제 김현정, 어서 준의 동생, 누나 김 정은셔서 그리고 너무 김.
    바라건대 우리는 친구, 인도네시아, 내가 살고있는 곳을 방문하여 동생을하실 수있습니다.
    안녕 오빠 김범 다 ..

  92. hello kim bum, i am ur fan from the philippines,, ang guapo mo talaga…

  93. ,,,gReat gUd job kEep up a good wOrK,,,;0

  94. ,,,,hi kim bum kEep up a gUd wOrk,,byE;0

  95. kim bum..
    hi,just wanna greet you,have a wonderful day..
    by the way,nice smile you,..
    and your most handsome in the f4..


    luv yah…

  96. kim bum…

    hi,just wanna greet you,have a wonderful day..
    by the way,nice smile you,..
    and your most handsome in the f4..


  97. ,.,.LUV YOU SO MUCH.,.,.

    KIM BUM’,.,.,.


  98. soma

    kim bum

    i love you

  99. samira

    love kim bum

  100. Francis Gian Molarto

    hi kim can u be my txt mate? here is my cp no. 09097140830

  101. i see f4 in korea omg

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