The 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic In Malaysia Is 70% On!




Attention to all! I’m not responsible for this petition. I am just spreading the word and supporting it. Please don’t send in your informations here. Send it to the email given above. For more info, please click here



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3 responses to “The 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic In Malaysia Is 70% On!

  1. My choice of ticket will be MYR400 to MYR500~
    I felt very sad because there are 1 of my favourite band, but they don’t want to perform here. It show a little disrespect to the fans all over Malaysia. A lots of fans like me have been saving for ages so that i can have the opportunity to watch TVXQ in live.Come on……make all our dreams come true. We love you!!! Jaejoong, Yuchun, Junsu, Yunho & Changmin.. Malaysia sarang hae yo!!!! We love you!!! Meet us here…. If not i don’t want to buy your albums!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. my choice of ticket will be MYR400 to MYR500~
    i just plan to go for TVXQ 3rd live concert long long ago~please please make my dream come true……… i will be the most happy person in the world…i promise that i’ll give you all fully support!!so…can we meet at the TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour in Malaysia?love TVXQ forever!!!

  3. Hi Regina and Venus,
    I hope you’ve email all those information to the given email. Cuz i’m not responsible for any petition submission here. I’m only supporting it and spreading the word :]]

    Yea i can relate to your disappointment but it’s not TVXQ’s fault if they’re not coming. There are a lot of complications such as organizers etc. I just hope SM Entertainment will respond to this petition and let them come to Msia. What we fans can do now is send in the petition and hope for the best.

    However please don’t be hating on TVXQ. It’s really not up to them, I’m sure they wanna meet all the fans from different countries who have support and love them if they are given the opportunity and time. If it was up to them, they will sure say yes to coming to Msia and not disappoint us Malaysian Cassies.

    As fans of theirs, we shouldn’t stop supporting them just cuz of a petty matter. I mean I too have save up money for the past years just so i could see them live. I would be sad too if i couldn’t but i won’t stop buying their albums no matter what. Plus, there’s always another chance to witness their live stage =]]

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