[Pic] SM Building


Whole view of SM Building

Main entrance


Walls outside the building

The staircase that our boys always pass through whenever they went back to SM

Walls outside the building, vandalised by the fans

“Yoochun ah, I love you”

“My TVXQ♥”

“Lee Dong Hae, We love you ♥”

“Jung Yun Ho is My lover”
“Shining Lee Dong Hae♥”

“Jaejoong ah, please smile more!”

The road to the SM carpark


“Yoochun, do smile!”

“Dong Bang Shin Ki”

Side view of SM Building

In front of SM Building, it’s a elementary school & middle school

Credits: 有天爱爱00 @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz


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