Kangta: ” DBSK and SNSD compliments the performance”

Kangta expressed,” After the attendance of DBSK and SNSD to watch the musical drama “mine” has made the show more interesting.”

On 30th at 4pm, Kangta was at the press conference for “mine” and stated “My parents and the younger age of netizens came to watch the show, even DBSK and SNSD came too. I feel even more warmhearted and that felt good.”

Kangta’s performance in the musical drama “mine” was the army’s first performance piece. “mine” is a real DMZ true story happened back in year 2000 about a conflict between a father and his son and how they managed to solve their problems.

The musical drama “mine” will be perform on Jan 30 till Feb 13. On Feb 20 till March 1 will be at a different venue (it was said this venue is Junsu’s old place [maybe it meant old neighborhood?])


credit: 泡沫 BubbleGuies
eng trans: crazee91 + Mynn 

p.s: I never really realized how hard it is to translate an article till i actually do it. Kudos to the translaters out there. Btw, i’ve left out the names of the venues cuz seriously i do not know their locations in english. Sorry… ><



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2 responses to “Kangta: ” DBSK and SNSD compliments the performance”

  1. echonkz

    wooww..i know its hard to translate it..
    coz i can’t hahaha
    btw thx for the info^^

  2. i hope i did ok ><

    you’re welcome =]]

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