DBSK Vs Kat-tun


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We all know that TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has been successful in Japan with a multitude of #1 hits on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly Charts. However, every time they achieved #1, the big JE (Johnny’s Entertainment) groups weren’t around. Things are about to heat up, because TVXQ’s next single “Survivor” will be going head to head with KAT-TUN’s “Rescue.” Both singles are scheduled to be released on March 11th.


Many fans have suggested that TVXQ move the release a week earlier to March 4th, but Oricon Toppers Arashi and Koda Kumi will be releasing their singles on March 4th.

Can TVXQ survive with “Survivor?” They probably won’t beat out KAT-TUN for the top spot, but things are getting interesting. Thanks to anonymous and five stella nights for the tips.

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Come on, in which music industry there are no competition fighting to be on top? May the best wins right? It’s up to fans really. 

 But DBSK’s fame in Japan was hard earned and it dint happen overnight. They’ve been through a lot and what makes people think that they are not up to compete with anyone  or even up for any real competition? 

Now that i think of it, is Kat-tun up for the competition against DBSK?

Even if DBSK lose, us fans will still support them and stand by them no matter what. We ain’t no sissy i tell you. Bring it on!



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10 responses to “DBSK Vs Kat-tun

  1. chizchaz

    “is Kat-tun up for the competition against DBSK?”

    uhmmm. i don’t think KT gives a damn on DBSK anyways, to make this issue even a big deal.
    their minding their own business.

  2. I dont think DBSK cares about KT too but DBSK are ppl who respect everyone around them so they wont mind if they dont get #1 on the chart this time.

    Like i said, it’s up to the fans.

  3. mzalice

    well SM does care abt JE guys or else they won’t be moving their release schedules from time to time like they did before when DBSK’s single would collide with NEWS, and now they again moved when they are supposed to collide with Arashi. it’s only recently JE confirmed KT’s Rescue’s schedule release. i hope Avex won’t be moving DBSK’s sked again.

    anyways, from what i see of it. only Kpop news or DBSK fandom sites actually made this news an issue. making this a news in the JE world is laughable. KT makes no. 1 in the Oricon chart with ave 300-350K in 1st week sales (they even had a 750K 1st week sales) while DBSK takes no.1 with barely a 100K in sales.

    but there’s nothing wrong with supporting an artist. being realistic is another thing.

  4. True about what you said. KT is a strong competition. Maybe that’s why DBSK’s fans are excited about it. It’s a healthy competition going on.

    As for Kpop news or DBSK fandom sites making this news an issue, it’s cuz it’s exciting for some.

  5. Su Vy

    GOOD COMMENT! DBSK has lived up to its title through hardwork and sweats. We will always support them no matter not. I apologize for those that are in love with KAT-TUN, but i don’t think they are as talented as DBSK. Also, their faces are.. um… lets put it this way.. they don’t have the bright and captivating aura unlike DBSK.

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  7. SWP

    It’ll be funny if none of them became #1

  8. oli ok el grupo es xevere son lo maximo los amo a todos mmm y en espesial aaaa xia muero por el

  9. Yoojae

    Well… I’m not trying to be biased or anything, I like Kat-tun too… but do they work as hard as DBSK? Do they care about their fans in China, Taiwan, Korea, or even – Japan as much as DBSK? Do they love each other as much as DBSK? I think there’s reason why fans are excited about this competition, becuz DBSK really worked their ass off and I think they deserve the same attention in Japan as Kat-tun and other Johnny’s groups!!!

  10. everybody knows that DBSK sings waaaayy better than kat-tun. but i think kat-tun dances better?? or it’s just because DBSK dances while singing live? which is better? i like dong bang aloooott!!!!!! i liked kat-tun bcoz of kame and jin.. but the rest..idk.. junno’s…ok? but in dongbang i like every member they let ppol see how they love their work how they work hard for every single thing there’s even a time when they cry bcoz of exhaustion. .. in that way i find it worth to support. . .

    p.s and dbsk’s vocal skills are undefeated! they all auditioned for sm ent. as solo artist and they passed it but sm ent was smart to put them all together aS a group.:)

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