DBSK #1 Again On Oricon Charts, Making A Hot Topic For 2009


DBSK who had 5 singles on top of Oricon charts reaching number 1 is making a hot topic for year 2009.

DBSK who promotes activities in Japan had been number 1 on Oricon charts in year 2009.

On 27th this month, Oricon news reported that DBSK’s 25th single “BOLERO/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide” sales reached 90,000 copies sold. Because of that, untill the 2nd of Feb it will be on top of the Oricon charts’ weekly champion.

DBSK won 1st on Oricon charts with singles since last year’s April’s “Beautiful You/千年戀歌”, July’s “Why Have I Fallen For You”, and October’s “MIROTIC”, making them the 4 consecutive champion on Oricon charts.

After last year’s January’s “Purple Line” got number 1, DBSK’s other singles share the same success and that making them as the highest Oricon charts topper for foreigners and breaking their own record each time.

This time their single’s title song “BOLERO” has certainly gain a lot of attention because it is also the OST for the highly anticipated up coming movie “Subaru”.

On the other hand, DBSK will be holding their 3rd Asia Tour Concert on Feb 20 till 22 at Korea’s Olympic Park.


source: U-KNOW KING
credit: 泡沫BubbleGuies
englsih trans credit: crazee91 + Mynn 


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