‘The Biggest Star 9’ And Their Wish Parade

The nine biggest stars who had K-pop in the palm of their hands for 2008, left a warm new years message. They also sent messages about their biggest wishes this year to the people of South Korea who gave them warm love.

The one thing that all starts were worried for was the Economy crisis. They said, “Let’s be strong,” to the citizens of South Korea and wished for a calm 2009.

DBSK: DBSK showed everyone their unconditional popularity in both Korea and Japan and spent their 2008 accordingly. They revived the Music Market by selling 500 000 copies of their fourth album ‘MIROTIC’ and all their Japanese releases that were released from last year ended up hitting number one on the ORICON charts. Following that, they also were a part of the 59th NHK Koukhaku uta Gassen, following BoA’s lead and let themselves be known as succesful artists who penetrated Japan.

DBSK’s will be in Japan for the (Chinese) New Years and will be going on with their schedules. Leader U-know Yunho said, “This new year, I’ll be eating DdukGook (Rice Cake Stew) with the members.”

“We released a new single on the 21st and we’re in midst of Japanese activities, so we get to celebrate the Chinese new years in Japan. We’re going to eat dduk gook together with the members, and we plan on calling our family on the day.”

Source: http://www.asiae.co.kr/uhtml/read.jsp?idxn…012308472570699
Translation Credit: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia


note: This is just the DBSK trans.


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