MTV ‘Best Awards’ Holds Their Online Award Ceremony

A festival for the netizens and the viewers, Attention as MTV ‘Best awards’ holds their Online Award Ceremony

– 2008’s best character is “Kim Yeon A’, 2008’s best singer is ‘DBSK‘ and 2008’s news of the year is ‘Choi Jin Shil Suicide’.

SNSD who have come back with “GEE” were named 2008’s worst fashion terrorist, Rain was named best comeback artist and TOP of Big Bang was name best sexy icon.

Go away untrstworthy “BEST” insert-title votes that others have decided!

‘Best Awards’ that was hosted by MTV Homepage ad three categories that were on fire. 2008 Best Artist, Best News and Best Character. Kim Yeon Ah took Best character, DBSK took best singer and Choi Jin Shil suicide’ took 

The best artist for 2008 was a bote that made everyone sweat ’till the very end. DBSK were decided as the best singers for 2008 with a high vote percentage of fifty, but the staff say that ’till the last minute DBSK and Big Bang were on fire. There’s a rumour that DBSK won because of the last spurt voting that boosted them up 10%.

— Talks about other categories —

People voting in the ‘2009 Expected Star’ vote will be a part of a draw with amazing prizes. One is the DBSK calendar. There’s is also a MP3 Player designed by the WonderGirls and Super Junior photobook. For more detail, vitsit

Source:…3168&p=newsispr + MTV Network
Translation Credit: ¾Ö±â»þ¡Ù @TVXQaustralia


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