After School “Will Show You A Different Image From Existing Girl Groups”

Beginning last year, the music industry has not seen a margin in which new stars have continued powerfully from the time in between their comeback and debut of 1-2 years. There were numerous new stars, who, after their debut have slowly faded away without being able to make their names known. Even so, with the new title track “AH,” the new five-member girl group After School has been deemed fortune’s favorites with being the number one most searched on various internet sites. Even a month before their debut, they showed off amazing dance skills in their performances at the end of the year music festivals last month, performing alongside Son Dam Bi on stage and receiving hot interest from music fans immediately after the five members were introduced on air. “With a performance of hip hop with character along with powerful yet intense song, they will show you a different image from existing girl groups,” we went on a quest to dig up the charms of these five aspirational girls.

◇Park Ga Hee – Charismatic Leader
◇박가희 – 카리스마 넘치는 리더

She was famous as a back dancer even before her debut. Since the time of BoA’s “My Name,” she has had dazzling looks and body. She was respected as an exceptional back dancer. After seven years of working as a back dancer, she debuted with Son Dam Bi as a member of S-Blush, a three member girl group. Though S-Blush was not as successful as had been hoped, Son Dam Bi went solo. Park Ga Hee became the leader of After School, and with the change began the endeavor for her own success. 168cm. 51 kg. She has a toned body from dancing and says, “I am the charismatic one in the team. I dream of delivering a performance that will give my fans the chills.”

◇Kim Jung Ah – Sexy Charm is Mine
◇김정아 – 섹시한 매력은 내 것

The owner of a body of 167cm, 50kg. She was the Son Dam Bi at this past year’s SBS ‘Gayo Dajeon’ and KBS ‘Gayo DaeChukjae.’ She caught the gaze of viewers when she danced and showed off her powerful sexy charm alongside Park Ga Hee on stage. “I am the sexy beauty on the team,” Kim Jung Ah introduced herself, “At first I couldn’t dance well, but my skills advanced after receiving training from (Park)Ga Hee Unni,” she revealed her secret. Her dream is to become a singer to her fans or to become a recognized musician with influence over stars.

◇Yoo So Young – Pure with Versatile Talents. Cute girl. 
◇유소영 – 다재다능한 청순. 큐트녀

Ballet at Sun Hwa Arts School. She was respectively merited for acting at the National High School of Traditional Arts and studied acting and musicals at Chung-ang University in the musical department. Even though she always sang in musicals, she became a singer because she felt a strong interest for it. Amongst the charms of her powerful and sexy members, she takes the role of the pure and cute girl. Yoo So Young “dreams of not only singing but also becoming an entertainer who can show her talents through acting,” she revealed.

◇Lee Ju Yeon – The Ulzzang who Dreams of a Brilliant Flight
◇이주연 – 화려한 비상을 꿈꾸는 얼짱

Since high school she was famous as an “ulzzang” on the internet. Park Han Byul, Goo Hye Sun, they were all original ulzzangs who met together. During those times she received many love calls from many companies. At Dong Duk Women’s University she entered into the broadcasting entertainment department and prepared for her debut in the entertainment world. She first came out as Son Dam Bi’s friend in MBC ‘Introducing Stars Friends’ and once again received an explosion of interests from netizens. 

◇Becca – The Hawaiian Who’s Charm is Her Nationality
◇베카 – 이국적인 매력의 하와이언

She was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 2007 she went to Korea in order to become a singer. To become a singer she sent a video of her dancing and singing to her current company, and upon seeing her, the company personally sent somebody to cast her. You can see a healthy girl from Waikiki Beach with light skin and even better, her mature charm. “I would like for After School to become the best entertainers,” she revealed her hope.




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  1. i would like to register the Different image from existing girl groups.

  2. it is actually fun to be on music festivals because i love music so much `

  3. section 1

    this group was built with mature girls in it. well, we’ll see ^ ^

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