Sandara Park To Join YG’s “SISTA”



After numerous rounds of YG Entertainment’s indecisive actions, they have finally confirmed that Sandara Park will indeed be a SISTA. YG, holding true to their name and their core beliefs/values of admitting singers who can’t sing, have granted Sandara with access to their upcoming 5-member female version of “Big Bang.”

YG Entertainment has also confirmed that they will debut in April 2009 with a single entitled “Madness” and that the groups name has yet to be decided.

Members to date are (left to right in image below): CLPark BomKong Minji and Sandara Park. Details of the 5th member are to be released around debut.


I’m excited. Are you? I like CL’s raps and Park Bom’s ok, i guess.

credit: allkpop



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5 responses to “Sandara Park To Join YG’s “SISTA”

  1. kharyl

    no harm intended…the 2 girls n the right are pretty… the other two are.. okay
    well hope they all do well

  2. jalyn salvadora

    good news for us who love i know she can do well!

  3. Zara

    Im happy for sandara!

  4. waah.. i really love sandara park ever since she step in the stage of star circle quest..! i soo happy coz now her career is on the top level..(for me!)aheh.. keep safe to all..

  5. richie

    im happy to her coz she’s in the top of the world she’s nice,pretty i hope she didn’t chage of her attitude

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