Is Sandara Park Good Enough For “female Big Bang”?




It’s all set. YG Entertainment has announced that “Female Big Bang” will officially debut. After almost a year of speculations whether YG’s new girl group will actually come to fruition, the pop hip-hop label has finally decided to give the group a go.

“Female Big Bang” will have 5 members including Park BomMin Ji, C.L., Sandara Park andGlitter Balls Seungri a yet unnamed member. These girls have been training with YG for quite some time now and I bet most of you are more or less familiar with some of them.

Park Bom is known to K-pop fans as the voice in Big Bang’s song “We Belong Together”. She also lent her voice in Lexy’s third album entitled “Rush”. And in 2006, Park Bom starred opposite pop diva Lee Hyori for the Anystar MV.

Rumor has it that the 16-year old Min Ji was supposed to debut with May Doni. But that plan was dropped when May Doni left the company in 2007.

C.L. is the group’s resident rapper. She made her first stage appearance with the rest of YG Family during a special stage in Inkigayo way back in 2007.

Despite the buzz surrounding the group, it seems that everyone’s attention is focused on one particular member: Sandara Park.



Sandara started her career in 2004 by joining a star search in the Philippines. In 2007, she moved back to Korea and joined YG Entertainment as a trainee. Back then, YG initially planned to debut Sandara as an actress. In a message that YG posted in the company’s website, he admitted that as a singer, Sandara is not quite at par with other trainees like Park, Bom, C.L. and Min Ji.


Sandara auditioned for several dramas in the hopes of landing an acting gig. She got none. Well, except that one time when she had to kiss TOP.




It’s going to be tough for Sandara once this group finally debuts. As it is, netizens are already calling her “this group’s Sohee”. Ouch.

I have to be honest and say that I’m one of those people looking forward to this group. I love Park Bom’s voice and I think C.L. can out rap most girls and guys in the scene. I am however, holding my breath for Sandara. She is cute, funny and will definitely bring in the personality to the group. But in terms of talent, I am hoping that she does not sing like this anymore.


credit: seoulbeats



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5 responses to “Is Sandara Park Good Enough For “female Big Bang”?

  1. kpoplover123

    she’s not that bad… i like sohee even though her singing isn’t very good… i think sandara will fit in very well…. all the best!^^

  2. I’m optimistic about Sandy. She doesn’t seem to have a big talent in singing but If she practiced really hard, then she would’ve improved by now.

    And she’s cute. So I think that’s a plus factor already.

    By the way, were you able to see that YouTube clip of Sistah practicing their dance routine? I posted it in my blog. Feel free to drop by.

  3. mikhaila

    i know Sandara since she started acting in here in the Philippines, and yeah, its quite true that she really can’t sing that good. Her acting is okay too, but i think her being in the female big bang is not that goof of an idea.

    Park Boom and CL are very outstanding compared to her. Hope she does good when they debut..

  4. Mary Grace

    Wow sandara… I hope ul be having more project to come…goodluck to ur career…
    I believe u can go far….
    more powers..

  5. cudy

    well she like the strongest in 2ne1,made the impossible possible.
    you dont know what she will do next.
    she is strong and wont give up and that will take her for being successful thats her key ,
    just dont give up she doesnt rely on her talent
    but what she can really really do.

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