DBSK, CSJH, BoA, Koda Kumi For Subaru Soundtrack

Subaru is made to be a sensational movie ever, no room allowed for failure.

To be released in early March in both Japan and Korea, the movie whose story is based on a popular manga with the same title by Masahito Soda, its production and also promotion has been carefully planned by the joint works from Korea, Japan, and one more country eventually added, Hong Kong.


Not enough for having South Korean best actress, Kuroki Meyisa to take the main role in this movie, another attempt from the production team is to have Tohoshinki, one of the best groups in Asia, appearing as cameo in one of Subaru scene as it’s shown in the official preview released a while ago.

Excellent director, excellent script, excellent casts, and moreover now–already revealed–mean-to-be excellent soundtrack.


The line up singers to fill the soundtrack of the movie is finally officially released. Subaru will have TohoshinkiKoda KumiCSJH The Grace, and BoA to bring up their spotlight to shine on the official soundtrack.

Tohoshinki, who has just released their 25th Japan single in last January 21st–Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide in Tokyo, Japan–inserted one of the main song in the single, “Bolero” as it will be taken as the main song of Subaru. Next up, we have sexy Japanese diva Koda Kumi who is filling the soundtrack with her self-written lyrics ballad song entitled “Faraway“. CSJH The Grace is adding up the song list with their Japan song “Dear“, and finally Korean top solo star BoA will insert her U.S debut song “Eat You Up“, giving the last perfect touch to the soundtrack list.

It’s also confirmed that BoA’s agency (T/N: not mentioned whether it’s SM, AVEX, or her U.S agency) involved in co-producing the dance music scene in the Subaru movie.

Subaru’s production team seems to grab everything they have to make people turning their heads to them. If everything goes right, Subaru will easily reach the highest spot once it releases.

source: <Bakjonggwon reporters scblog.chosun.com/tony5151>
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress


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One response to “DBSK, CSJH, BoA, Koda Kumi For Subaru Soundtrack

  1. Joy

    Kuroki Meisa is a Japanese. Can you comment why do you say “Not enough for having South Korean best actress, Kuroki Meyisa to take the main role in this movie” ?

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