The Reason Why The #1 DBSK Anti Fan Cafe Is Closing Down

체리쉬@TelZone says: was one of the leading DBSK anti-cafes of all time. They had an amazing number of members and they were very very active. Vaseline says, “As a fan I registered just to see what they were doing. This is the screencap I took:”


anti cafe screencap
What do you know, it has turned into a Insurance company cafe! And the reason behind it is that the owner of the cafe fell in love with …

Shim Changmin. happy.gif Just before their fourth album release!

Some responses include: – Changmin you’re greedy, making the anti-fans into fans ㅋㅋㅋ.
– He is really good looking. The owner of the cafe is cute ^^
– If you keep looking at him, he’s the face that makes you love him.

Translation Credit: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia.

Feel the power of TVXQ~~ 

credit: vaseline@TVXQaustralia


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36 responses to “The Reason Why The #1 DBSK Anti Fan Cafe Is Closing Down

  1. liz

    haha. hilarious stuff.

  2. echonkz

    that’s really good!!
    their charm and voice are work!!

    thx for this info^^

  3. Ji

    haha that’s good!

    Dong Bang Shin Ki oppa jjang<33

  4. karen

    ha, funny~i cant believe that that is the reason…

  5. ^_^

    can’t resist Dong Bang Shin Gi’s charisma…haha…
    well then…that’s good..

  6. TVXQ for sure!

    How cute.
    She fell for the Max charm.
    I think almost everyone has!!!!=)

  7. Carol

    Changmin does have that in him…


  8. JungYunHye

    haha…Min oppa is the best…
    how LOL >D< she just a girl…

  9. cass

    DBSK NO1
    I hate AntiFanDBSK

  10. junsu-shi

    waaaa it’s so ironic, it’s funny! xD
    she shouldn’t have started something she couldn’t finish! hahaha

    TVXQ FIGHTING!!! <3333
    max changmiiiiiin~~~

  11. jaejoong_love

    hahaha… she fell in love with DBSK’s maknae… ^_^
    i wish that anti fans don’t exist in this world!!!
    i love changmin! (but i love jae joong more!!!)

  12. :)

    Yay! I like Changmin the best too! I’m glad that the anti-fan was turned into a fan!

  13. yunjae

    Anti fan turning into fan. So sweet^^
    Hope more can love DBSK

  14. love

    ahahhahaha thats a good thing.
    hope all the antifans fall in love with dbsk<3<3<3<3

  15. angela

    lol that is awesome! yey dbsk! ^_^ good job

  16. jessicaa

    majorfail for the owner
    there was some other like antitvxq group
    that like ACTUALLY planned ways to like kill them or something ==;;
    i heard one of them poisoned yunho’s drink with superglue
    or maybe that was another band?

  17. I feel that antis are very much like fans.
    Except they think negatively of everything of whom they dislike do.

    How do they know so much? So much that they can come up with so many witty things to say about them.
    They research. They.. look closely at everything they do.

    They buy DBSK’s CDs just to throw them around.

    They watch DBSK’s videos. They go to their concerts just to boo at them.

    Antis.. all I can say is.. Thank you and Fuck you

  18. amayzinglee

    This is THE biggest fail ever. X]
    Woot. Changmin converting antis into fans since 2006.

  19. DORK♥

    LOL!!!!!! That’s just funny!

  20. hehehe..on 2006 i become DBSK anti fans..but now i am change to DBSK fans after i watch DBSK feat Super Junior, Show Me Your Love MV…such a nice mv…Saranghae DBSK..i am in love with Max Changmin too..^**^…Saranghae Super Junior too…

  21. CassiElf

    lol so funny kk~
    MAX charisma power!

    i fell for dbsk the first time i heard their voice in “Love In The Ice” ^^

    the only thing that i dont like is their fanclub Cassiopeia of course not all of the fans but most T___T
    so im anti pabo cassie!

    ELF is the JJANG fanclub <3333

    im right now listening to Thanks to
    omona im having goosebumps T_______T
    love them soooo much!!
    dbsk <3333333333 thank u for being there for us!
    u're my life!saranghae 4ever~

  22. woah!! Shim-jjang-Min! <3

  23. quie

    ahahaha! this one is funny! xD
    really! xD
    antis ~~~ no one knows your number will decrease little by little … time after time!!
    ahahaha you;ll realize everything after some time!
    goodluck on being an anti! ^^

    i agree … antis are fans too!!!
    they just don’t admit it by heart!
    they are just so pissed off how goodlucking , talented and perfect these boys are! xD

    antis … YOU KNOW YOU LOVE THEM!!! xD

  24. cecile

    well said!

    that’s it!
    a very proof that everybody just can’t stop loving DBSK~

    hwaiting oppas!

  25. AnneC

    hahahahahahahahahahahaha……………stupid story!

  26. sayuri

    thats pretty hilarious…
    an anti becoming a fan of our maknae minnie^^..
    and yes…antis are just bunch of fans who are jealous that the boys are way better than their idol..or even them.

  27. i knew tvxq’s jumon is powerful! that’s why i’m proud being their fan!!

  28. shinnie cassie

    That’s why people call him charming prince. :D

  29. bluzky

    Sure! My lovely Changmin is so adorable. People will easily fall in love with him XD

  30. :)

    ahahahah x”D everyone here has said what i want to say >.<

  31. Mei Liang

    hohahahahaa xD, TVXQ Oppa, Jjang! Banzaiii!!! Ganbatte kudasai ne, spread out all over the world and to every people’s all of your charisma and blessed voice, kyaaa, CASSIOPEIA AKTF!! LOVE TVXQ and Cassiopeia, fighting! Good, the leader f the anti fans felt in love with Changmin Oppa, and hopefully all the members of anti fans also fall in love with DBSK too, lol

  32. PriCassie

    LOL! DBSK, HWAITING! the powers of changmin~ amazing~!

  33. ChoiKang


  34. Changmin oppa u are so amazing>..<

  35. yoonaddict

    (ʃ⌣ƪ) the power of lord voldemin! Love you, minnie :*

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