Hahaha Homepage Receives Over 1 000 000 Hits In Just 40 Days

South Korea is HaHaHa-ing. It’s because of the renewd 2009 version of the “HaHaHa Song” released by Ja Urim, last 2004. That is the HaHaHA Campaign that set Kim Yeon Ah, DBSK, Lee Weh Soo as the main characters. More than 500 000 people visit the offcial site per day. The number has offcially skipped 2 500 000 on the second week of January. 

Triggers peoples’ curiosity with the teaser video clip
Especially Ido Group DBSK’s members’ U-konw Yunho and Micky Yoochun can be appointed as the leaders of the campaign. The HaHaHa Song teaser video clip that DBSK was the main character of, was used for promotional purposes so that people would take interest in the HaHaHa Song Campaign. It worked seeing as the netizens’ exploded with curiosity.

The two members’ slightly messed-up looks and comical actions that couldn’t been seen just anywhere, in an environment much like the webcam environment, brought a huge fever of attention. Their ways of singing the HaHaHa song in such a happy and bright way were on every single video clip portal site, as well as being popular enough to land a spot on a couple of Popular Search list / The most searched list. However the characters of “NoKy Brothers” used various props, such as wigs, glasses very positively. They also added in adlibs that suited the situation very well and lifted the atmosphere of their filming location.

-Hoobae Support Series: The five DBSK memvers visit their hoobae’s training room. They then put on a hilarious performance for the tired hoobaes saying, “We will give you strength!” The tired hoobaes’ face light up with smile as DBSK sings the HaHaHa Song with the help of comical dance steps.
-School Attack Series: The high school girls have “I’m tired” written all over their faces during the late night self-learning period. And it’s then! DBSK surprise attack their classroom. At the stars’ surprise visit, the girls’ screams reach the sky. And they all dance together to the HaHaHa song.

Source: http://www.biznmedia.com/news/read.php?idxno=20138&rsec=S1N1
Translation Credit: vaseline.@TVXQaustralia



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2 responses to “Hahaha Homepage Receives Over 1 000 000 Hits In Just 40 Days

  1. echonkz

    thx for this info^^
    i love HaHaHa song
    esp d acapella version..

    thx XDD

  2. haha u’re welcome^^
    i loveeee hahaha too~
    the acapella ver is just really nice and funny too :D

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