DBSK Fan Meeting Tears Of Gratitude



TVXQ Fanmeeting Tears of Gratitude
YonhapNews | 2009-01-19 14:25

[Yonhap] Popular group TVXQ’s Japanese Fanmeeting session overflowed with tears of gratitude

On the 18th of January TVXQ opened the first of their three-day fanmeeting event at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe event hall for two days. When the 5-member band entered through the doorway, they were surprised to find that the fans filled the packed venue.

TVXQ’s zealous fan popular comedian Tsutomu Sekine presented events such as “Getting to know TVXQ” with themes such as “Physical Measurement”, “Picture Talent” and “Subconsciousness” all three done with own corners.

In the game “Physical Measurements” members have to run sideways, do jump rope and the hula hoop and the total numbers of runs will determine the winner. The member with the lowest score will be given a penalty.

For “Picture Talent” members drawn a specific topic and the fans participated with much applause to determine the winner. Junsu and Yoochun in the last two events lost and were given penalty such as to mimic a newborn baby.

The TVXQ mobile fansite votation for “Call for a song for TVXQ” was announced. Fans elected the hit song by an acapella group in Japan “Towani (Forever)”* by The Gospellers. The beautiful harmony was met with a big applause.

Next they performed the Japanese version of MIROTIC then afterwards they presented the song “Begin”.

Afterwards TVXQ in particular read aloud the letter prepared for the Japanese fans talking about hardships and difficulties and they thanked them directly from the bottom of their heart. The members tearfully delivering the message caused an emotional and impressive scene.

Source: gounworld@yna.co.kr + DNBN 
Trans: fangirlmitz


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